Traci Eddinger

Wanted to drop you a note and let you know how wonderful your product Vibrant Pets is working for my dog. Frey is 13 ½ years old now and had a lot of stiffness in his back and hips. After about a month of Vibrant Pets (joint and muscle) he is now (aside from sight and hearing loss) bounding up the deck stairs and house stairs after playing in the backyard with my 5 year old. Just recently I ran out of the formula and he went 3 days without it. He was having so much trouble standing up on the wood floors and walking around at night. I won’t let THAT happen again!

Thank you so much for your wonderful product and for improving my “baby’s” quality of life so much.


Traci Eddinger

Chris Thompson

My six year old black lab mix, Marley, is developing arthritis in one of his back knees. The case became so bad that after a simple 20 minute walk around the block, he would limp around the house for several hours due to his gimpy knee.

We started supplementing his meals with VibrantPet about four months ago. The results have been extermely noticeable. He knee is still bulky from the arthritis of course, but his pain appears to have been reduced and he no longer limps as a result of walking or running around the yard or neighborhood. We are very happy with the help and relief it has provided Marley.

  • Chris Thompson
  • Purcellville, VA

Kathy Martino

Dear Lee, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to try Vibrant Pets® Canine Athlete Supplement. You suggested I try this supplement on my 13 year old Australian Shepherd, Heather, who was having difficulty with arthritis in her hind legs. After a couple of weeks on the supplement, she is acting like a puppy again. She can’t wait to go out in the mornings to hang out at the barn and chase the chickens!! It’s great to see her happy and energetic again. Vibrant Pets® has given her a new lease on life! Thanks Again, Shari Howell Purcellville, VA

My mother actually got a sample of your product at Expo East in Baltimore. Even though I am in the nautral health industry for people, I am always suspect. I started to give my malamute, who is overweight, with spinal arthritis and 13 yrs old and my retriever who has a torn, but mended ACL and is 9……about half of the recommended dosage. I did see some improvement but as time goes by you just sort of expect that. Last night though it really hit home. The malamute was RUNNING down the hall and playing, she hadn’t done that in a long while. It was amazing. Her mood and manner is much better she is no longer a grumpy uncomfortable girl. THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting the zest for life back in her.

  • Kathy Martino
  • Dana Point, CA 92629

John & Leah Sobjack

Your little girl who works for you called yesterday to tell us there will be an increase in the cost of the joint & muscle formula. She told your name & to write to you personally.

As I told her our little 12 yr. old Pembroke Welsh Corgi was having arthritis—usually when he tried to get up & down. Did not do much but lay around with no energy. We took him to our veterinarian and She’d taken xrays. Agreed it was Arthritis. Gave him the first pill—did not help him at all. Then we were told about a product for dogs & horses we got at a local farm store. Then the veterinarian gave him another prescription. Liquid this time. So he was taking 2 types of medications. Then a friend told us about your joint & muscle formula. We took it out to our veterinarian. She said go ahead & give it to him. Five days after he started taking it he was running & playing with his toys—which he had not done for the entire summer. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We have our little corgi back again. He walks every morning with my husband as he used to. He has his Happy Little Self back.

I’m 71 & was diagnosed with Arthritis in both knees about the same time Murphy was diagnosed. Wish I could take your product & it would do me as much good.

Thank you again.

  • John & Leah Sobjack
  • Deining, Washington
  • p.s. He’s also playing ball again!

Hal Lymus

I would like to thank you for coming down to the USA National Championship in Gadsden Alabama in November. I was glad you set up a vendor stand so all the other competitors could see your great product.

Since I have been turned on to your product from a very close friend, I have been thoroughly convinced what a truly good product Vibrant Pets® is. I began using your product in the summer of 2006 and have been amazed on what a difference it made on my dogs overall physical condition to include very nice glossy coats. I experimented with my young competition dog Eumah and my older arthritic dog Zao who is coming up on 13 yrs of age.

In Eumahs case your product seemed to bring out energies I’ve never seen in him before both in training and actual competition. He is always in high drive and that kind of engergy requires a good supplement to maintain his high level of energy which is definitely required in my sport. (Schutzhund). In my older dog Zao’s case, Vibrant Pets® seemed bring out more energy than I’ve seen in him in years. After only 10 days of Vibrant Pet supplement feedings, he is chasing my younger dog around the yard and taking longer walks without a problem. Before he would go for a mile or so walk then call it a day, now he can go much longer and always ready for something else to do. His coat was also in pretty bad shape and is now full and glossy.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see what a difference your product has done for my dogs and I look forward to using your product from now on. I think your product is very cost effective for my budget and I’m getting much more bang for the buck compared to other supplements that only do half the job. Thanks for brining forth Vibrant Pets® to the pet owners who care for their animals as much as I do. I look forward to seeing you at the major shows and promise I will get the word out about your product to all my dog friends.

Hal Lymus

Pamela Grasso

Ashburn Farm Animal Hospital
43330 Junction Plaza Blvd. #172
Ashburn, VA 20147

November 20, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

I have some important information if you are considering using Vibrant Pets® as a supplement to your pet’s diet. I have found it to be a great additive for all pets, especially geriatrics and arthritic patients. It gives older pets a boost of energy. All of my clients that have tried it have reported wonderful results. I have found it to be palatable and well-tolerated by almost every pet.

My own dogs and cats eat Vibrant Pets® formula on their food twice daily. I have seen significant improvements in their overall wellbeing since I have started using the product. And they seem to love the taste!

I suggest Vibrant Pets® to all of my patients. After all, proper nutritional supplementation is the key to a long, happy, and healthy life.


Pamela Grasso, DVM