John & Leah Sobjack

Your little girl who works for you called yesterday to tell us there will be an increase in the cost of the joint & muscle formula. She told your name & to write to you personally.

As I told her our little 12 yr. old Pembroke Welsh Corgi was having arthritis—usually when he tried to get up & down. Did not do much but lay around with no energy. We took him to our veterinarian and She’d taken xrays. Agreed it was Arthritis. Gave him the first pill—did not help him at all. Then we were told about a product for dogs & horses we got at a local farm store. Then the veterinarian gave him another prescription. Liquid this time. So he was taking 2 types of medications. Then a friend told us about your joint & muscle formula. We took it out to our veterinarian. She said go ahead & give it to him. Five days after he started taking it he was running & playing with his toys—which he had not done for the entire summer. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We have our little corgi back again. He walks every morning with my husband as he used to. He has his Happy Little Self back.

I’m 71 & was diagnosed with Arthritis in both knees about the same time Murphy was diagnosed. Wish I could take your product & it would do me as much good.

Thank you again.

  • John & Leah Sobjack
  • Deining, Washington
  • p.s. He’s also playing ball again!