Thank you for your follow-up on Maggie! It means something when a company genuinely cares about their clients well-being! With that said, I'd be glad to answer your questions. I did initially order Canine Athlete. When I ordered Canine Athlete I debated buying the Joint and Muscle, but I ended ordering Canine Athlete anyway (I think because I'm in denial that my dog is aging and entering her senior years lol). After using Canine Athlete, Maggie perked up in a matter of weeks! She was soooo much more energetic and youthful! With her new lease on life, Maggie wanted to play much more (which I'm ecstatic about). It was during one of our frequent play sessions that I noticed she was still having joint issues (from a previously broken leg). My vet prescribed her rimadyl, but after researching the drug I decided it wasn't the best thing for Maggie. Whether it's arthritis or an incorrectly healed joint, she skips a step on the affected leg every now and then. There is still a big lump in the affected leg which leads me to believe it didn't heal back correctly (and I'm sure there is some arthritis present as well). Anyway, this is why I ordered the Joint and Muscle formula. I've convinced myself though, that my dog is still young and lacks anything of senior status ha ha. It's too early to tell how well the J&M formula is working, but I have a pretty good feeling about it - because after all, Vibrant Pets is the REAL DEAL! I will certainly try to let you all know how Maggie reacts to the J&M when the time comes. I want to thank you and your company for all that y'all do! Maggie definitely wouldn't be the same without the Vibrant Pets Family!  Thank you again.


Chad Romines

Cheryl Dixon


Dear Vibrant Pets-

Sending You a photo of My dog Cookie. We adopted Cookie june 2006 from the Oldies but goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue.

Cookie weighed 18 lbs. when rescued, hair matted, skin torn, nails curled, ear infection and the 3 yr. old child tied a rubber band around one of Her ears until it was embedded and infected. Cookie bit the vet tech when they tried to cut Her hair, She was in so much pain from the torn skin and matts and ear infections.

Cookie was put under, hair cut, surgery on the ear then sent to Fairfax Animal Shelter where She was labeled Vicious and shoved into a cage.

Cookie was picked up and Her Foster Mom with the cocker Rescue had Her for a few weeks.

I adopted Cookie, She was really anxious and wt. was 21 by then.

We feed Cookie a Excellent dry dog food with Grizzly Salmon oil and The Athletic Vibrant Pet because of Her skin, hair, ears, allergies and Her very sensitive stomach.

After using Vibrant pet gradually on the food,  Cookie had not had Diarrahea or Vomited!

Her Coat is Lovely, and Her skin is much better.

Thank You Vibrant Pet!

 Cheryl L. Dixon

Fairfax, Va.

Katie van de Sandt

 I phoned an order in on Tuesday - and have the product on Friday! From one coast to the other!  That kind of service is not often seen anymore!   And, Jane was so nice on the phone, too!   Thank you so much!  I have a red Aussie, and he does tend to sunburn to a faded orange, which was why a friend recommended Vibrant Pets products to begin with.  Joe has been on the Canine Athlete formula for two and a half of his three years, and my older girls also.  I always am being complimented on their lovely coats - and I have noticed that my ten year old with bad elbows is moving so much better since starting on Canine Athlete.  Awesome product, great people, fast service - sure seems like an unbeatable combination!   Thank you - I appreciate you guys!

Katie van de Sandt, Sweet Home, OR



 Dear Lee & Vibrant Pets,

 I am the lucky owner of a 9 ½ year old Weimaraner named Indy.  In March 2007, Indy experienced a sudden onset of severe pain, would not lift his neck, only wanted to be in a crouched position, and had great difficulty walking. Indy was hospitalized for a day at his vet and sent home with several medications. Indy worsened over night, and we were sent to a neurologist. An MRI of Indy's neck revealed that he had a moderate disk problem  (C5-C6) in his low cervical spine but his signs & pain were at least moderate to borderline severe. Indy was diagnosed with a variant of Caudal Cervical Spondylomyelopathy (CCSM) which is commonly referred to as Wobblers Syndrome and Cervical Vertebral Instability. CCSM/Wobblers Syndrome is manageable with medication and/or surgery(ies - in the worst cases), but there was no cure. His neurologist believed that it was chronic.

 Indy underwent surgery to correct the disk problem which would try to prevent his Wobblers Syndrome from worsening. Most unfortunately Indy’s recovery from his surgery was very rough, and he turned out to be in the 3-5% worst case scenario in which he was worsening. Shocked and scared that we would lose our dog because he couldn’t walk, we began a rigorous course of steroids, medications, and physical therapy. Slowly Indy walked again, but not well at all. Another MRI showed Indy continuing to get worse and indicated that he might need a second surgery. We got four Neurologists’ second opinions, and all of them recommended different surgeries! Faced with impossible surgical choices, knowing that Indy would not survive a second surgery, and knowing that he wasn’t ready go (nor were we ready to let him go – not without a fight!), I desperately searched for cure or an alternative treatment to try to save Indy.

 After too many trials and tribulations of medications, steroids, etc. to count we’d almost lost all hope. Indy began to develop Cushing’s Disease from the Prednisone that he had to take in order to just be able to walk (and he didn’t walk well at all so I had to help him walk). Nothing, not even physical therapy seemed to help much. As a last attempt to help Indy I took him to a vet for acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal medicines.

 Indy loved this new vet, and seemed very comfortable with her.  She recommended that we add a supplement to all of Indy’s meals called Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete Formula, in addition to the Chinese herbs that she prescribed for him. I immediately purchased Vibrant Pets but didn’t believe that it could do what you said it could do, and I expected that I would return it after two weeks. Like I said before, we were practically hopeless.

 But, I didn’t return it. Within the first month of treatment, Indy was walking a little bit better. The second month Indy started to feel better, and his severe allergies greatly improved. The third month Indy began to walk more on his own without my help, and we dared to start weaning him off all of the medication his neurologist prescribed. Within 9 months Indy was completely weaned off all of the medication – steroids and all ! He was walking without my help. Indy’s Cushing’s Disease reversed and he has completely recovered from it since it was medically induced.  I’m convinced that taking Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete Formula, the Chinese herbs,  and having weekly acupuncture treatments is what caused Indy to undergo a remarkable recovery, and has literally saved his life!

 We are now a year a half into Indy’s recovery, and he is doing a 1000X better now than he ever was on steroids and medications after developing Wobblers Syndrome! I cannot find the words to tell you how amazing his recovery is! Indy can walk, run, play with us and his toys, swim, climb stairs, and jump and catch a ball. You must understand that we were told he would be on exercise restriction for the rest of his life – for him to not only want to do these things but to also be able to do them well is miraculous!!! Indy’s most recent joy is playing with our 2 year old daughter who throws his ball for him to chase! When people meet him they think that he’s a 2 year old dog because of his energy level – he does act like a puppy a lot. They are always shocked when I tell them that he is 9 ½ years old, and they don’t believe me if I tell them that he has Wobblers Syndrome!

 I feel truly lucky and blessed to have found Indy’s vet, the acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and especially Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete formula for Indy. The acupuncture and Chinese herbs are playing a very large critical role in Indy’s recovery. But, I also am convinced that Vibrant Pets is also responsible for Indy’s recovery.

Good nutrition is vital to any life period. Even top quality dog foods still lack many of the vital nutrients found in Vibrant Pets’ formulas that are critical to a dog’s overall wellbeing.  Indy clearly likes the taste because he always gobbles it all up at each feeding! I feel that Vibrant Pets is an essential component of Indy’s recovery, and without it I don’t want to imagine what Indy’s life would have been like. I cannot find the words to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to thank you enough for this product that helped give my Indy his life back and that has greatly improved the quality of his life because of how good it helps him to feel! We don’t know what the future holds, but we know that Indy’s life will be a full and happy one. I’ve enclosed a recent picture of Indy, it’s many thanks to Vibrant Pets that he looks and feels so good! We’re your clients for life!


Jen Nigriny



I took my time replying regarding your horse supplement. I wanted to wait a bit longer. I think must be at least 3 weeks, I am giving him two scoops/day, one scoop am and one scoop pm.

I am definitely seeing his digestive system so much calmer. His pet name is Monte and he is almost 14 years old. He has tendency to have allergies (I understand there is some kind of grass or fungus and his cheeks puff up). I use sheepskin wherever possible. Overall, its not bad, I am just aware of these issues. He is also a cribber. Same time he is a fabulous  mover. I do work him 6 times a week, so he is in a good, physical shape. Prior to using your supplement, I would saddle him and just about to start work, he would poop a lot and often had tons of gases.

 Since past week, I must say he looks great and his digestive system is not acting up. I will keep you informed as we go along, but so far so good. I hate to jinx anything so I am quietly observing…..

Thank you again, Longina

 PS you know thanks to you guys my 13 year old big dog is doing beautifully!!!!!  and the young one, 4 years old, fox hound, is also on it ( I give him slightly smaller portion, also twice a day) because he had constantly indigestion. Sine, being on your supplement, he has no issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Longina

Ginger Cole

 I started giving my 14 year old Boston Terrier Vibrant Pets that I purchased from Canine Caterers a year ago.  At first he had so many issues I didn’t see any difference. Stop using it and this past January I started using it again. What a major difference and I feel like an idiot for not keeping up with it the first time.  He acts like a puppy and no more diarrhea.  I adopted him a year and a half ago and he had diarrhea the whole time. So this is a very big deal to me. He has more energy and all he wants to do is play.  I feel like I have a puppy instead of a senior dog.

 I suggested my sister try it for her dogs as well.  Yesterday my brother in-law wanted to know what kind of drugs I brought over.  He said that there dogs are acting like puppies again.  Both are pits that are overweight and think they are lap dogs!  My sister said that her male has had loose stools in the past and not now.

 I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your commitment to making a difference in the pet world.   I don’t know that I have been this passionate about anything in a long time. I tell everyone I talk to that has dogs that this is the best product and don’t wait for health issues. Start using it now.  Why wait. Don’t wait to see the pain. Reap the benefits now of a happy healthy pet!

 Thank You, 

 Ginger Cole 

Rus & "Maroo"

 About 3 weeks ago I agreed to foster a young male Tibetan Terrier which was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri........along with the other 17 TTs this little guy was in horrible condition in every sense of the word!  His coat and skin had never been bathed before and was in extremely bad shape.........I cannot tell you just how heartbreaking it was to see all of these dogs neglected like this.......I have been raising and showing TTs for over 20 years now and have a very strong passion for dogs in general....I am also a professional handler, trainer, and groomer by trade.

A few months ago while attending a Pet Expo in New Jersey I met with one of your sales associates and purchased a container of your product for show dogs.    Since I already was on a supplement program with another product I wanted to wait until I had run out of my old product before starting the new product I had purchased from your company.......When I brought my foster dog into my home I immediately started him on one small scoop per day as instructed by the directions of the container.......Having faith in your product based on the ingredients and my conversation with your associate at the Pet Expo I waited a few days to see if I could see any change in my foster dog........I am shocked to say that within two weeks not only has his overall appearance changed but his skin and coat look amazing!   I brought him out with me to a function where other TT owners would be and they were also shocked to see just how good he was looking in such a short time!   

I just ordered more of your product and plan on putting ALL of my 4 current show dogs on your system....

Thank you,

Rus and "Maroo" (my foster TT)