Rus & "Maroo"

 About 3 weeks ago I agreed to foster a young male Tibetan Terrier which was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri........along with the other 17 TTs this little guy was in horrible condition in every sense of the word!  His coat and skin had never been bathed before and was in extremely bad shape.........I cannot tell you just how heartbreaking it was to see all of these dogs neglected like this.......I have been raising and showing TTs for over 20 years now and have a very strong passion for dogs in general....I am also a professional handler, trainer, and groomer by trade.

A few months ago while attending a Pet Expo in New Jersey I met with one of your sales associates and purchased a container of your product for show dogs.    Since I already was on a supplement program with another product I wanted to wait until I had run out of my old product before starting the new product I had purchased from your company.......When I brought my foster dog into my home I immediately started him on one small scoop per day as instructed by the directions of the container.......Having faith in your product based on the ingredients and my conversation with your associate at the Pet Expo I waited a few days to see if I could see any change in my foster dog........I am shocked to say that within two weeks not only has his overall appearance changed but his skin and coat look amazing!   I brought him out with me to a function where other TT owners would be and they were also shocked to see just how good he was looking in such a short time!   

I just ordered more of your product and plan on putting ALL of my 4 current show dogs on your system....

Thank you,

Rus and "Maroo" (my foster TT)