Katie van de Sandt

 I phoned an order in on Tuesday - and have the product on Friday! From one coast to the other!  That kind of service is not often seen anymore!   And, Jane was so nice on the phone, too!   Thank you so much!  I have a red Aussie, and he does tend to sunburn to a faded orange, which was why a friend recommended Vibrant Pets products to begin with.  Joe has been on the Canine Athlete formula for two and a half of his three years, and my older girls also.  I always am being complimented on their lovely coats - and I have noticed that my ten year old with bad elbows is moving so much better since starting on Canine Athlete.  Awesome product, great people, fast service - sure seems like an unbeatable combination!   Thank you - I appreciate you guys!

Katie van de Sandt, Sweet Home, OR