Our beagle/ foxhound mix was a major shedder. Thanks to this product, her shedding has practically disappeared. Her coat is extremely shinny and I no longer need to vacuum on a daily basis. An added benefit to this product has been that we have noticed our grass is not full of yellow spots! Yeah!

Thanks for such a great product!!


Claudia O. Pennie

Per the suggestion of the owners of The Doggie Wash, I put my very active Aussie on Vibrant Pet Ultimate Formula October 2006. In just one month have seen a huge improvement. As a puppy, he had surgery on both of his front elbows and has always had a sensitive stomach. Now he can run and play without being sore afterwards, his shedding is noticeably less and he is able to tolerate various people food and treats that he couldn’t before.

I would strongly recommend this product to anyone with pets.

Claudia O. Pennie

Wendy Skelly

My 11 year old blue Doberman Garth was, lame due to a neck injury, bald, with pressure wounds on his elbows. I was told when he first went down that her would only have a couple of months to live before his organs would fail due to his lameness. He had been bald for years, the vets all said “Blue Doberman Mutant Freaks”. In order to be blue they have genetic defect that affects skin and coat. Most blue’s are bald or very thin haired at mid life or so. I carried Garth outside for his potty breaks and had to support his body while he did his business. This was no easy task, Garth weighed in at about 90 pounds. His pressure wounds were a result of his down time. We tried every brand wound gel and homeopathic wound products known to man kind. Nothing seemed to help heal his elbows. Garth continued to eat and drink and have a real zest for life, I refused to put him down as long as he was acting like himself.

My mother had told me about a new product called Vibrant Pets® that she had just purchased. I started to use Vibrant Pets® Canine Athlete Formula. I could not believe the results, and neither could my veterinarian. Garth began to first grow hair, where he had been bald for years. Even in the early years when he had almost a full coat of hair, even his sides. I began to notice that Garth was starting to use his hind legs to better position himself in his bed. In the next 2 months Garth had regained so much strength and movement in his hind legs that he could stand on his hind legs while I supported his front. This was a huge blessing; it made holding him for his potty breaks so much easier. The pressure wounds that had responded to nothing were slowly now healing. The new skin growth on his elbows was slow but steady. All of the improvements came only after using Vibrant Pets®.

AT 13 years of age Garth was diagnosed with bladder cancer. We began to use cancer medicines, and was told to expect his health to begin to decline. Garth lived an amazing 6 months after this diagnosis was given. During the 6 months he never showed any standard bladder cancer signs. There was never any foul odor in his urine, and almost no blood was visible. Once again the only explanation can be the Vibrant Pets®.

I am sure that Vibrant Pets® gave Garth 2 very good years of life. He was said to be “down for the count” at 11 years of age and he lived to be 13. When Garth had to be seen at the veterinarian’s office, all of the doctors would come to visit him, to see the dog that had defied all the odds for years. I still use Vibrant Pets® on my remaining healthy dogs, and they shine and are so soft that people always ask me what I give them. I recommend Vibrant Pets® to everyone. I can’t thank this product enough.


Wendy Skelly
Lovettsville, Virginia

Albert S. Townshend

  • Lee Phillips
  • Vibrant Pets®
  • 609V Main Street
  • Purcellville VA 20132

February 17, 2006

Dear Lee,

I just wanted to let you know that we have tried your product on several animals in our clinic and have found it to work well. Older dogs with arthritis have found relief. Shedding has been reduced, and the animals generally seem to feel better. Owners report that the animals are more active and alert and generally feel better.

Thanks for a great product1!

Most Respectfully,

  • Albert S. Townshend, DVM
  • Eastern Shore Animal Hospital
  • 6327 Church Hill Road
  • Chestertown MD 21620