So How Much of Each Vibrant Pet Ingredient Will My Pet Get?

This is a question we get at Vibrant Pets® all the time and it’s actually not the one you’re really asking. The real question is: How much of each Vibrant Pets® ingredient will my pet absorb? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer.

There are many factors that affect how much of any supplement is absorbed into the body. First, Vibrant Pets® is formulated so that the vitamins, minerals, glucosamine, chondroitin, digestive enzymes, amino and fatty acids, and probiotics work not only in combination with each other to maximize absorption, but also with your pet’s food. For example, the digestive enzymes help your pet better digest protein, carbohydrates and fat from his food. But the enzymes work more efficiently when selenium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus and copper are present. So, we put those minerals in our Vibrant Pets® supplements to aid the digestive enzymes. But phosphorus and copper also work with calcium and vitamin D to aid in the growth and protection of bones and teeth.

While each ingredient has a function and can work on its own, every vitamin, mineral, digestive enzyme, amino and fatty acid, and probiotic all work together, each supporting some of the others. This allows not just individual ingredients to work more effectively and efficiently, but the whole formula can provide maximum benefit to your pet’s overall health.

In addition, our supplements are formulated so that each ingredient works with other ingredients in the most efficient manner possible so that your pet can get the maximum benefit from the least amount. Other products that have only one ingredient or only a small number of ingredients usually have a larger amount of each vitamin or mineral than Vibrant Pets®. But they have to formulate it this way because there are no supporting components to insure absorption and therefore much of their product is lost during digestion and your pet receives little or no benefit. Sometimes, pets experience stomach upset or other negative affects because of the larger doses.

So how much of Vibrant Pets® is absorbed? Honestly, we can’t tell you - exactly. It depends on several factors. The kind of food you feed your pet is one reason. Is it high in protein or fat? Does it contain fillers? Is it meat based or vegetarian? Is it raw or processed? All these things affect how much of your Vibrant Pets® supplement is absorbed. Your pet’s age, health and activity level are also issues. Pet’s that are older, in poor health, sedentary or injured may not be absorbing their Vibrant Pets® powder as well as a young, health dog.

What we can tell you is that Vibrant Pets® is formulated with the best, most balanced and interactive ingredients to give your pet the maximum benefit and the best health with the least amount of supplement. That’s what separates Vibrant Pets® from the rest of the pack and why we guarantee you’ll see results in two weeks - Vibrant Pets® is the best supplement on the market!