How does Vibrant Pets® compare in price to other products?

Vibrant Pets® Ultimate Formulas are by far the least expensive supplement on the market given its total affect on your pet's health. Most supplements only offer one thing – vitamins or probiotics or digestive enzymes. Those with vitamins sometimes offer “a” probiotic (usually acidophilus). Some have “a” probiotic with enzymes. Vibrant Pets® offers vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, amino and fatty acids AND four (not one) probiotics!! In order to get the kind of benefit, you would have to buy several products. We encourage you to go to 1800petmeds.com and other sites that sell supplements and compare prices per serving and, most importantly, what those servings contain. We are confidant that you will see that Vibrant Pets® formulas offer the most benefit for the least cost.