When and how much do I feed my pet?

Vibrant Pets® is a powder that is sprinkled on your pet’s food. should be given with each meal. Each scoop is one teaspoon and the amount you use is one scoop per cup of pet food at each feeding. If your pet eats less then a cup during a feeding use a proportional amount of Vibrant Pets®. As an example – ½ cup of food would require ½ scoop of Vibrant Pets. If your pet is in really bad shape you can double the amount of Vibrant Pets®.

If you use dry food add a little water or broth to the food so Vibrant Pets® will stick to the kibbles and if you use raw or wet food, mix Vibrant Pets into the food.

On the rare occasion some pets have loose stools. This is because Vibrant Pets® replaces the digestive cultures with new cultures with the introduction of our probiotics in the digestive system.

These loose stools should last just a few days but if the loose stools continue reduce the amount of Vibrant Pets® by ½ until the stools return to normal and then increase to a full dose.

It is also rare for a pet not to eat their food with Vibrant Pets® but it does happen. If this should happen try mixing Vibrant Pets® with raw meat, canned meat, cottage cheese, yogurt or any soft food your pet likes.

We have found that once you get your pet to eat their food with Vibrant Pets®, they will continue to eat their food with no problem.

There are a lot of pets that will not eat their food without Vibrant Pets®. We believe this is because the pet knows that Vibrant Pets® is helping them and they feel better.

I you have any question or if we can help you better manage your feeding regiment please call us at 866-945-7387 or email us at support@vibrantpets.com.