Turned this Kitty Around

My cat is old and for the last 6 months has lost about 40% of her body weight. She hadn't played much at all recently and we thought that her time was comming to an end. We never heard of the Vibrant Pets Ultimate Formulas Frisky Feline before and thought we may as well try it. It has been about a month now of using it in her food and it has made a difference. She seems to have much more pep and energy. She is now doing something she hasn't done in several years, jumping up on things. Although she still struggles to jump up, hip deteriation, she can now jump up onto chairs. She is eating more and of course going to the litter box more. We are very satisfied with this product and will continue using it.

Young Again

Since using this product (since April, '08), my 6 year old domestic long hair has been acting like he is a 1 year old. His energy has noticeably increased and he purrs non stop. The major improvement is that he used to throw up almost weekly--sometimes food, sometimes hairballs, sometimes both--now I can't remember the last time he has puked. His stools have also improved--solid, not loose. I also like the fact that this product is all natural, and made in the USA! I highly recommend it.

Recommended by a Vet for Chronic Vitral Condition

I have a kitty that has a chronic viral condition; this product was recommended by my veterinarian. I have seen a definite improvement in my cat's overall health since I began supplementing his diet with this product earlier this year. Another one of my cats has always had loose stools from years of haphazard & 'wild' nutrition (he was an feral outdoor cat before I brought him inside). After a few months on this formula, his digestive system has thoroughly improved. 

The Bishops


Here is Rye's picture.  He will be 3 yrs. 12/14 - has been on Vibrant all his life - athletic dog one plus his cat Beep also gets Frisky feline - they are both wonderful companions to each other and us.  Beautiful coats, healthy and just full of life.  Can't say enough about Rye and Beep.  They both love to go on road trips - for each of them life is a beautiful place and we are thankful they are such an important part of our lives.

Cecile & Richard Bishop

Mesa, Az.   

Candy & Tabby

Dear Vibrant Pets,

 Thank you for donating your product to Rescue Kitty Tabby.  He somehow had torn his A.C.L. and my vet had recommended surgery which I am unable to afford due to being unemployed.  He had suggested to see if scar tissue would form and eventually hold his knee in place and to try and find a quality joint supplement product he would take to see if it would help.  I search several products and tried a few without success.  I found your website and called to see if Vibrant Pets could be used for cats.  The gentlemen I spoke to said most definitely and since Tabby was a rescue they would donate the product.

 He has been taking 1/2 scoop since 9/23/09 and since then he has gone from being a couch potato to become more active and walking around and even starting to jump short heights.  I am very careful about letting him jump, as I do not want him to damage it any further, but he is almost back to normal in such a short amount of time. I was afraid that he may have to be put down as he was in a lot of pain.  I cannot thank you enough for your product and helping him get his mobility back.

 I have been also working on his diet as he needs to lose a few pounds.  He has always been a large cat 18lbs since I rescued him!!!  He was getting 3/4 cup of Science Diet Mature dry food  but has been reduced to 1/2 cup.

 I have attached a couple of photos of him  for you to see what he looks like!

 Thank you once again.

 Candy & Tabby Peterson



Carol Hummer

When Truffles developed a serious skin condition I tried your product. I think the pictures before and after say it all. I now use Vibrant Pets every day to make sure Truffles stays healthy. Thank you Vibrant Pets for making my best friend healthy and happy again.

Rita-Anne Provenzano

Esther came into our shelter anemic, emaciated and dehydrated. She was diagnosed with diabetes and hyperthyroidism. Look how sweet she looks now among the stuffed animals! BTW, my family and I adopted her!

Rita-Anne Provenzano
Special Events Coordinator
Pennsylvania SPCA
350 E. Erie Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19134

Bobbie from Wisconsin

Dear Vibrant Pet,

I am Bobbie from Wisconsin, I have raised and shown Persians and Exotic Cats for over 20 years and now Maine Coon Cats the last 4 years. I started giving select groups of my cats Vibrant Pet supplements in July of 2007. My 3 year old Maine Coon male was having an immune system problem that was affecting his skin (hair loss and open sores). After one month on Vibrant Pet his hair was growing back and the sores were healed over. My retired altered Persians and Exotics main problem was digestion. Excessive vomiting and constant licking causing hairballs. After 6 weeks this group showed a significant drop in the excessive licking, itching and almost no vomiting. My Show adult and 2 kittens (Maine Coons) went to a show after they had been on Vibrant Pet for a month, Judges and other Exhibitors wanted to know ( How did I get a coat like that on them?). The only difference was they were on Vibrant Pet Supplements. All my cats are now on Vibrant Pet Supplements. Even though I feed a high quality cat food (Royal Canin) I feel that Vibrant Pet supplements still enhance this food by causing better digestion and providing nutriments that the cat food does not have. GREAT PRODUCT! I recommend this product to all who acquire a kitten or adult cat from me.

Bobbie from Wisconsin