Candy & Tabby

Dear Vibrant Pets,

 Thank you for donating your product to Rescue Kitty Tabby.  He somehow had torn his A.C.L. and my vet had recommended surgery which I am unable to afford due to being unemployed.  He had suggested to see if scar tissue would form and eventually hold his knee in place and to try and find a quality joint supplement product he would take to see if it would help.  I search several products and tried a few without success.  I found your website and called to see if Vibrant Pets could be used for cats.  The gentlemen I spoke to said most definitely and since Tabby was a rescue they would donate the product.

 He has been taking 1/2 scoop since 9/23/09 and since then he has gone from being a couch potato to become more active and walking around and even starting to jump short heights.  I am very careful about letting him jump, as I do not want him to damage it any further, but he is almost back to normal in such a short amount of time. I was afraid that he may have to be put down as he was in a lot of pain.  I cannot thank you enough for your product and helping him get his mobility back.

 I have been also working on his diet as he needs to lose a few pounds.  He has always been a large cat 18lbs since I rescued him!!!  He was getting 3/4 cup of Science Diet Mature dry food  but has been reduced to 1/2 cup.

 I have attached a couple of photos of him  for you to see what he looks like!

 Thank you once again.

 Candy & Tabby Peterson