Irina J. Phillips

As all experienced Groomers and Pet Stylist know, most dogs that we care for have problems that need addressing. Everyday we have clients come into our shops with dogs that have a multitude of health conditions that should be corrected. Groomers and Pet Stylist are mostly concerned with the dog’s skin and coat but, as dog lovers, we are equally concerned with the dogs overall heath. I have been recommending Vibrant Pets® supplements to my clients for five years and my clients find it as close to a miracle cure as you can find.

We have three Kerry Blue Terriers that take Vibrant Pets® every day. All three, including our oldest 6 year old Kerry, run and play like a puppies and all three have a luxurious coat. I recommend Vibrant Pets® to most of my clients and I have seen a significant positive change in dogs that regularly take Vibrant Pets® supplements. In one case I have a client with two Cocker Spaniels and one of her Cockers developed a joint problem and their Vet recommended surgery. Two weeks prior to the dogs scheduled surgery they scheduled a grooming. After the grooming I recommended that they try the Vibrant Pets® Joint & Muscle supplement and they bought a bottle. They took their Cocker for the scheduled surgery and returned home. When they returned home the Vet called and told them to pick up their dog as he did not know which side to operate on as the dog appeared to be normal. By being able to recommend and sell our client Vibrant Pets® supplement we were able to save our client money and more importantly the dog did not have to go through the trauma of an operation. Vibrant Pets® supplements have helped more of our clients then I can count. We see better coat conditions everyday. We notice that our clients’ pets are getting healthier and joint and muscle problems are reduced.

My clients report that they see the positive results of Vibrant Pets® supplements within two weeks. We wanted to test just how good Vibrant Pets® really is so we asked The Friends of Homeless Animals no kill shelter if we could put six of their dogs on Vibrant Pets®. With their help we picked six dogs with severe health problems. Two dogs had hip problems so severe that they could hardly walk, two had bad skin and coats and two had a combination of both joint and skin/coat problems. Within 10 day the shelter called us and asked what was in Vibrant Pets® because they saw a significant improvement in all six dogs.

Vibrant Pets® is so sure of their supplements that they guarantee their products to “do what ever the buyer expected the supplement to do”. In five years of selling Vibrant Pets® only a few have been returned to The Doggie Wash and the reason for that return is because a dog would not eat the supplement. A client does not buy just one bottle they buy many bottles over the lifetime of their dog.

We as pet professionals have a duty to recommend to our clients products to maintain or increase the health of the dogs we care for. In addition, increasing the dog’s health with Vibrant Pets® makes our job easier. You can expect that dogs on Vibrant Pets® will have better coats and will be more pleasant to groom.

While you are improving the dogs’ health and making you’re grooming more enjoyable, you can also make money. In addition to making a profit our clients are thankful and that is the bottom line.

Call me if you have any questions. You can reach me at 540-338-9554.

Irina J. Phillips
Nationally Certified Master Groomer