Vibrant Pets helps overcome the affects of Sever Hip Dysplasia

Hi Lee, 

I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to your Vibrant Pets line of supplements for our dogs. We have 2 Golden Retrievers that are 4 years old. Buddy, our male, was diagnosed with sever hip dysplasia the day before his first birthday. We were so upset, we felt we had done everything right to avoid that kind of thing, but to no avail. Up until that point Buddy was very active, it was hard to keep in down. But then he started limping and that's when we found out why. He had been on anti-inflamitory drugs ever since, prescribed by our vet. He got to where he wouldn't run or jump hardly at all. Then I met you and you gave me Vibrant Pets to try. What a difference! Buddy is so spunky now, he even jumps! This is something that we will continue to use on a regular basis for both dogs. Thanks so much.



We wanted to let you know how well your product works for our dog, Buddy.  He is a sixteen year old shepard mix who started having some trouble with his joints a few years ago.  We tried several nutritional supplements, but Buddy didn't show any improvement until we started giving him Vibrant Pets.  He is doing amazingly well for his age - he thinks he is still a puppy! (Attached is a picture of him)

 We have started our other dogs on Vibrant Pets as well, just to keep their joints healthy.  Thanks for making such a wonderful product.

 Daniel and Winnie

Harpers Ferry, WV  

Traci Eddinger

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how wonderful your product Vibrant Pets is working for my dog. Frey is 13 ½ years old now and had a lot of stiffness in his back and hips. After about a month of Vibrant Pets (joint and muscle) he is now (aside from sight and hearing loss) bounding up the deck stairs and house stairs after playing in the backyard with my 5 year old. Just recently I ran out of the formula and he went 3 days without it. He was having so much trouble standing up on the wood floors and walking around at night. I won’t let THAT happen again!

Thank you so much for your wonderful product and for improving my “baby’s” quality of life so much.


Traci Eddinger

Robin Hall

Dear Lee and Irina,

I just wanted to thank you both so much for recommending the Vibrant Pets® Canine Athlete for my maltese. My maltese is 8 years old and came from a puppy mill, therefore, he has alot of physical issues. Since birth he has never been able to jump on the couch due to his joints in his knees. Of course that hasnt stopped him from jumping off the couch every time he sees a leaf blow by the window. Therefore, you can see where I’m going with this. I spend alot of my time picking him up and putting him on the couch all day long. This has been going on for 8 LONG years (he has me very well trained) That is, until you recommended that I start giving him the Canine Athlete. Well, I am usually the biggest pesamist, but you convinced me to try it and boy am I glad you did. It’s a MIRACLE!!! It wasnt even a week and right before my eyes, he jumped up on the couch!! He acts like a puppy again with such energy and he has that sparkle back in his eyes, oh and did I forget to mention, his tear stained eyes have improved at least 75%!!! It was so noticeable that my sister in law from out of town actually asked me about it before I could brag about this wonderful new product!!

This is such a great product and has definitely proven itself to me. I am starting my two Labs on it since they too have alot of issues. I’ll keep you posted on their progress!! Thanks again,

Your forever loyal customer

Robin Hall

Courtney Wayland

My dog, Fred, has been taking the Vibrant Pets® – Canine Athlete formula for the last several weeks. I noticed a difference after the first few days that I started mixing it in with her food. Being 12 years old, Fred had the typical joint issues that come with a dog of that age (limping, easily injuring her legs, etc). After starting her on the Vibrant Pets® she literally seemed to revert back to how fit she was at age 5 or 6. She no longer exhibits any signs of limping or soreness in her joints. She tears around the back yard like a dog half her age. It’s wonderful to see a product that could give so many years back to her. Thank you so much for turning us on to this wonderful product. You have a new constant customer!

Thank you!

Courtney Wayland (and Fred)

Dave Davoudlarian & Taz

I want to write you and let you know that you saved one of our dogs. Taz was rescued from a meth house in Iowa 7 years ago. My wife’s best friend was the one who saw him and realized he needed a better home. He was 6 months old. About 2 years ago she and her husband fell on financial hardship and my wife offered to drive to Chicago to get him. He was an instant hit with our kids and our other dog, Caleb. When we got him he was very overweight, because he had to be fed table scraps. We knew he had bad hips and tried a several methods to help. He went on prescription meds. They made him throw up. We tried another over the counter med (aspirin coated in mylanta). It made him throw up. We tried glucosamine/chondroitin from a mega chain pet store, it did nothing. Finally while at a store in Purcellville, VA and saw Vibrant Pets®, joint and muscle formula. Since being on this he is a different dog. He is full of energy and spunk. Although he is still overweight (a continuing battle) we hope that he will be with us for many more years thanks to your product.


Dave Davoudlarian & Taz

Sharon Wilson

Lee suggested we use the Vibrant Pet Canine Athlete formula for our Wheaten Terrier. We have used it for both our 14 year old Wheaten and our 11 year old beagle-mix for about a year. Before using this formula our wheaten was not very active and you could tell her joints were sore. She is now very active, loves to go for walks, jumps up on everything and you can tell she feels good. Our beagle acts like a puppy – and her coat is gorgeous – soft, shiny. Both are very healthy dogs and we plan on continuing to use the Vibrant Pet Canine Athlete formula. Thanks Doggie Wash!

Sharon Wilson

Irina J. Phillips

As all experienced Groomers and Pet Stylist know, most dogs that we care for have problems that need addressing. Everyday we have clients come into our shops with dogs that have a multitude of health conditions that should be corrected. Groomers and Pet Stylist are mostly concerned with the dog’s skin and coat but, as dog lovers, we are equally concerned with the dogs overall heath. I have been recommending Vibrant Pets® supplements to my clients for five years and my clients find it as close to a miracle cure as you can find.

We have three Kerry Blue Terriers that take Vibrant Pets® every day. All three, including our oldest 6 year old Kerry, run and play like a puppies and all three have a luxurious coat. I recommend Vibrant Pets® to most of my clients and I have seen a significant positive change in dogs that regularly take Vibrant Pets® supplements. In one case I have a client with two Cocker Spaniels and one of her Cockers developed a joint problem and their Vet recommended surgery. Two weeks prior to the dogs scheduled surgery they scheduled a grooming. After the grooming I recommended that they try the Vibrant Pets® Joint & Muscle supplement and they bought a bottle. They took their Cocker for the scheduled surgery and returned home. When they returned home the Vet called and told them to pick up their dog as he did not know which side to operate on as the dog appeared to be normal. By being able to recommend and sell our client Vibrant Pets® supplement we were able to save our client money and more importantly the dog did not have to go through the trauma of an operation. Vibrant Pets® supplements have helped more of our clients then I can count. We see better coat conditions everyday. We notice that our clients’ pets are getting healthier and joint and muscle problems are reduced.

My clients report that they see the positive results of Vibrant Pets® supplements within two weeks. We wanted to test just how good Vibrant Pets® really is so we asked The Friends of Homeless Animals no kill shelter if we could put six of their dogs on Vibrant Pets®. With their help we picked six dogs with severe health problems. Two dogs had hip problems so severe that they could hardly walk, two had bad skin and coats and two had a combination of both joint and skin/coat problems. Within 10 day the shelter called us and asked what was in Vibrant Pets® because they saw a significant improvement in all six dogs.

Vibrant Pets® is so sure of their supplements that they guarantee their products to “do what ever the buyer expected the supplement to do”. In five years of selling Vibrant Pets® only a few have been returned to The Doggie Wash and the reason for that return is because a dog would not eat the supplement. A client does not buy just one bottle they buy many bottles over the lifetime of their dog.

We as pet professionals have a duty to recommend to our clients products to maintain or increase the health of the dogs we care for. In addition, increasing the dog’s health with Vibrant Pets® makes our job easier. You can expect that dogs on Vibrant Pets® will have better coats and will be more pleasant to groom.

While you are improving the dogs’ health and making you’re grooming more enjoyable, you can also make money. In addition to making a profit our clients are thankful and that is the bottom line.

Call me if you have any questions. You can reach me at 540-338-9554.

  • Irina J. Phillips
  • Nationally Certified Master Groomer

Leslie Flores

I met you all at the Pet Expo in Orlando several weeks ago. We discussed my German Shepherds and I decided to try your Joint and Muscle Formula. I have a 9 year old retired working dog with bad hip problems and a 5 year old working search dog with off and on problems from an old injury. I have seen a dramatic change in my older dog since I started giving him your supplement. He is not a couch potato any more. He is active, wants to play, greets me at the door. I have also noticed a change in his fear of storms. I adopted him about 2 1/2 years ago, problems and all, because he had such a hard life and deserved love and a happy retirement. He had such a fear of storms that when it sprinkled, he would hide and shake. We just went through TS Fay, and I have to tell you, he went through that storm like a champ! He was not fearful, he went out in the wind and rain, he was a different dog. The only thing I can attribute that to is your supplement. My 5 year old has not had a problem in the past few weeks either, and I have noticed that the joint in his paw is looking better than ever. Even with the pressure drop due to the storm, my boy had no pain associated with the joint as he has in the past. I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me and introducing me to your product.

Leslie Flores and K-9 Boss, and retired Gunther