Vibrant Pets helps overcome the affects of Sever Hip Dysplasia

Hi Lee, 

I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to your Vibrant Pets line of supplements for our dogs. We have 2 Golden Retrievers that are 4 years old. Buddy, our male, was diagnosed with sever hip dysplasia the day before his first birthday. We were so upset, we felt we had done everything right to avoid that kind of thing, but to no avail. Up until that point Buddy was very active, it was hard to keep in down. But then he started limping and that's when we found out why. He had been on anti-inflamitory drugs ever since, prescribed by our vet. He got to where he wouldn't run or jump hardly at all. Then I met you and you gave me Vibrant Pets to try. What a difference! Buddy is so spunky now, he even jumps! This is something that we will continue to use on a regular basis for both dogs. Thanks so much.