Vibrant Pets® Show Dog

The Pure Zing dogs aren’t show dogs (they think they are), but this supplement sure gives them the look! Their coats are super soft and shiny now, they are more alert, and that’s what can give a show dog the edge in the ring. We fed this to the Pure Zing dogs for two weeks. They loved the taste, ate every bit of it and it was easy for the team members to use: sprinkle one tiny scoopful onto dry or canned food, starting with half a scoop for the first few days.

The texture is slightly grainy, but is mostly a powder; is beige and has sort of an oatmeal smell. Available in 8, 16, or 48-ounces, the scoop size is so tiny that a container could last a long, long time!It’s really hard to believe that results can show up in just two weeks, but dog’s digestion is different than ours. We eat a meal and eliminate it 40 hours later. A dog eliminates their meal in 12 hours. Since the food moves through them so much more quickly, they have less time to extract the nutrients from it.

Hence, if their digestion is impaired, they get even less nutrition. The results are lack of energy, a dull coat, joint problems, itchy skin, and health problems.This formula is all-natural, has no fillers, sugars, no lactose, corn, wheat or soy. There is no bone meal, antibiotics, or anything that does not have a positive effect. The ingredients are human grade and flaxseed and biotin are added to the basic formula of 4 digestive enzymes, and 21 vitamins.

This all-in-one supplement also contains sodium siloco aluminate, enterococcus faecium, lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus casei and lactobacillus plantarum: probiotics that keep the gut flora healthy and which help increase nutrient absorption by 20%.If your dog is a show dog and you want the winning edge, we can highly recommend this all-in-one supplement. Used by vets and breeders, we were impressed with the dozens of testimonials that attest to the real difference that this all-in-one supplement makes in their dogs looks and health. With a complete, money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied, your have nothing to lose, and your show dog has everything to gain!