Vibrant Pets® Joint & Muscle

Breeders, vets, groomers, and owners have written dozens of letter concerning the amaZing and positive effects that they have seen in dogs that have used this product. Great for dogs that are older, overweight, recovering from injury, have hip displasia, joint stiffness, sores, low energy or dull coats, this all-in-one supplement has been proven to reduce or eliminate those problems when added to a dog’s daily diet.

Before you start worrying about hype, this product comes with 100% full money back guarantee! The owners know that this product works for 99% of the dogs that it is given to and for those that it doesn’t, the owner gets their money back. With nothing to lose, you could easily see if your dog’s problems could be helped by this product.
The formula is all-natural and does not contain any products that are not of benefit to your dog. Using the regular formulation of 4 digestive enzymes, 21 vitamins and minerals as well as 4 probiotics, this all-in-one supplement also contains chondroitin and glucosamine.

Without sugar, soy, wheat, corn, lactose, or antibiotics, your dog is only getting valuable and much needed nutrients, at the same time that their digestive system is being soothed and boosted. When a dog’s digestive system is helped to work at peak level and they are supplemented with valuable vitamins, minerals and probiotics, they can get better quickly!

Dog’s food only stays in them for 12 hours, versus 40 for humans. They have far less time to absorb vital nutrients than we do. If their digestive system is not strong or is not functioning well due to diet, age, or stress, their whole system is compromised, resulting in health problems, aches, sores, diarrhea, low energy, and dull coat.

In an 8-ounce container with a small scoop, the beige powder is slightly grainy and smells vaguely of oatmeal. Use one scoop on dry, canned food or raw meats and watch your dog eat every bit of it! Give it at least two weeks to see results, and you just might be amazed to see the dog that had trouble walking, suddenly running around in the back yard!

Try this all-natural supplement for two weeks, and if you don’t see a reduction in joint pain and swelling and see and increase in mobility, get your money back in full.