Testimonial: Dilligad Pet Food Distributors

 We’re a private company located in Sanford, North Carolina and provide premium pet food and pet supplement products. We’ve carried Vibrant Pets since the company’s inception in 2005 and have watched our sales of this wonderful product grow. Once someone has tried it, customers are very loyal to Vibrant Pets, buying it for the life of their dog, cat or horse. We have Dilligad retailers throughout the Carolinas and in Virginia and Kentucky and all of them carry Vibrant Pets. We are also vendors at dog shows from Georgia to North Carolina and we always make sure we bring plenty of Vibrant Pets as it is often a sellout.

But we are more than just a company; Dilligad is also the name of our kennel. We breed champion Kerry Blue and Fox terriers and despite the fact that we have easy access to other supplements, all our dogs are fed Vibrant Pets. We know our dogs are getting the best in nutrition with Vibrant Pets and it shows in their continual good health, bright eyes and wonderful coats. We recommend this product to all breeders and owners whether they are looking for a winning edge in the show ring, raising strong pups, addressing various health issues, or giving their pet a lifetime of health!

 Dilligad, Ltd