Hi Jane
Sorry I didn’t get this to you sooner, as promised. I had misplaced the info you sent and just couldn’t put my hands on it. I have given a pamphlet to 3 different vets and have also passed along your website etc to several other dog people.

As I mentioned to you on the phone, one of my dogs had what looked like a wound on her hind leg that I thought she may have injured on the kennel run. I had cleaned it up and put medicated salve on it. After several days it wasn’t healing. That was about 5 to 6 years ago. Throughout that time, I tried various medications, accupuncture, sprays, salves, you name it. I researched different subjects that someone thought it might be. She was taken to 4 different vets over a period of time, one of them being in Canada. A couple of the vets diagnosed it as a lick granuloma. Most of the time I had it bandaged with various types of salves etc. I never really did see the dog licking it or trying to get the bandage off to get at it. She would clean off her legs/paws from either the morning dew or wet from rain. I did get the one leg so it wouldn’t just open into a sore but the problem came out on the o ther leg. That got infected a couple times and she was on antibiotics. This last Spring or earlier, a friend in Canada told me of your product that she had seen at one of the trade shows. I checked out your website and decided to try the product. Probably a month went by and I noticed the leg was starting to heal up. Since using the product(I chose the Canine Athlete) there has not been any out break of sores or the skin just opening up. The skin is now a dark color underneath a new growth of hair. No bandages, salve or other meds have been used since. It has been great not having to be concerned about flies, bacteria etc. Other than a bout with pneumonia in June of this year, she is doing good and turned 13 on August 1.
As to the diagnosis of the vets and the thoughts that many friends and others had, I don’t know if there has really been a conclusive answer to this particular problem. As to being diagnosed as a lick granuloma and then healing over…….maybe the magic powder may be something to try on other dogs with that same problem. I can only say that after using the Canine Athlete, the sores went away after being present for years.
Sandy, from Michigan