Kevin Reports Skin and Coat Results

I have been using the skin and coat formula for about a month now. I give it to my 9 year old Boxer. She has thyroid problems which causes excessive shedding, thick tough skin and a yeast odor from her skin. Since using the skin and coat formula; she has stopped shedding, her coat is super soft and has a nice bright luster to it. The odor from her skin still lingers, but for that I have to use a prescription shampoo from the vet.
I thought I would try the vibrant pet vitamin supplement after purchasing a puppy from a breeder. The breeder gives vibrant pet supplement to all her pups and insisted I do the same to keep my new puppy healthy. While purchasing for the puppy I saw the skin and coat formula. I thought I would try it and see if it had any benefits since nothing I had tried in the past had any effects they laid claims to. Much to my surprise I saw almost immediate results. After 3 weeks I gave her a bath. To my amazement there was almost no fur in through mitt even more astonishing the drain was not clogged with the normal 10+ handfuls of fur I would have to keep clearing out of the way to empty the tub. After drying her off she looked cleaner than she ever did in the past. Even a week later her fur had a bright luster and this time no longer felt like rough sand paper.
Based on my experiences with Vibrant Pet skin and coat formula; I would definitely recommend this product to everyone that has a beloved pet with a skin or coat issue. Especially with excessive shedding and in my case hardening and roughening skin. Her skin has a healthy pink color and no more calloused feel or look. I was skeptical at first, too, but it does have a money back guarentee if it doesn\'t show improvement in your pet\'s health.


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