Catch up with us at the Missy Show !!

Lee Phillips, our President, will be a special guest on BlogTalk Radio the "Missy Show", Healthy Pets episode, which will air on Saturday September 13, 2014, at 5PM CT.

The Missy Show promotes knowledge and awareness of various issues affecting pets in a fun and informative way.  Hosts are best friends, Jessica and Del, (who go by 'J' and 'D' on air).  Co-host Jessica said "We are not experts, just two animal lovers wishing to make a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners on a global scale. We address both serious and light-hearted topics relating to our animal companions". 


After interacting with Vibrant Pets through social media, the Missy Show invited Lee to be a guest on the show to share information with their viewers about pet health and the great benefits of Vibrant Pets®. 


The Missy Show was inspired by Jessica's 5 year old Tortoise shell cat, Missy, and airs every Saturday air Saturdays at 5PM CT. More information about this Internet radio show check out: 



The Missy Show Blog:


Join us and find out all about Vibrant Pets and call in if you have any questions. It is sure to be fun and informative. At the end of the radio show Lee will give a discount code to all who listen for a 20% discount!


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