Sighthound AKC Lure Coursing for the 2014 year.

Elsa (FC Cali's Red Clay Halo SC) 
#1 Whippet and #1 Sighthound AKC Lure Coursing for the 2014 year.

I have been lure coursing my whippets for close to 10 years now.  At the beginning of 2014 I had young girl that was showing lots of promise and potential to be a top lure courser but I was worried about her appetite.  She was not a big eater and she did not seem to eat well when we traveled. I noticed that her energy was diminished the second day of competition.  A competitive sighthound can run up to 6-8 courses each weekend, each course consisting of a full out sprint for around 1/2 a mile.   Lack of eating all weekend could make a difference in her final performance.  So my first thought was to go to Steve Watson.  I had known Steve for some time at this point and I asked him if he had any supplements that I could add to her food that might make what little she did eat more nutritious.  He had an answer right away and got me a bag of "Vibrant Pets -Athlete Formula" and said to add it to both her raw and dry food.   To start with, this picky eater loved it and I have added it to all her meals all year (as well as all of my competitive and growing whippets).  She started out the year with great sucess and finished her field championship title in record time, just 5 trials of competition and she immediately jumped into the #1 spot by early spring!   Unfortunetaly at the end of May she had a small injury to a foot that happened in the back yard. Despite seeming minor, the injury required surgery and took her out of competition for a full 4 months.   By September she had fallen in the rankings and any hopes of being #1 were gone, but we were just thrilled that our young girl could run again!!!   She seemed to have a complete recovery so we continued to run her locally and had our sights on the following year.  However, this little girl was not done and by mid-fall we checked the rankings and she was back near the top.  Suddenly our hopes were sparked.  Despite the limited running she managed to finish the year in the #1 spot, and accomplished an amazing record!   She ran only 20 trials and won 9 Best of Breed wins!!!  We are so proud of this young girl and send a Big Thank You to Steve for helping this girl make it to the top!!! 

-  Dr. Deana M. McNamer, DVM
          Cali Whippets


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