Vibrant Pets Fights Lyme Disease!!


Reports indicate that Vibrant Pets helps overcome the critical and sometimes fatal affects of Lyme Disease! Recently four cases have appeared that demonstrate just how powerful Vibrant Pets Ultimate Formulas are against this ever growing epidemic. The present protocol is to treat Lyme Disease with high-powered antibiotics for long periods of time – sometimes continuously for the life of the pet. While this treatment may eventually eradicate the disease, the antibiotics kill all the digestive cultures in the gut. This depresses the immune system, which adds to the negative affects of Lyme Disease.  Unfortunately, symptoms are often not relieved by the antibiotics until the disease is completely eradicated.  On top of all this, our pets are continuously at risk for contracting the disease again every time they venture outside! Most of us know people who have had to repeatedly treat their pets for Lyme.


Lyme Disease symptoms include fever, swollen lymph nodes, lack of appetite and and joint pain from inflammation.  Long-term, Lyme Disease can cause chronic joint inflammation, kidney damage, kidney failure and rarely, heart abnormalities.


Vibrant Pets has found is that our Ultimate Formulas seem to counter the effects of Lyme Disease!  We have been hearing from clients that Vibrant Pets is so powerful that owners and their Vets did not know that the pet had Lyme Disease because the pet showed no symptoms! Only through normal yearly check-ups with a blood test did either the owner or Vet know that Lyme was present.


This was wonderful news but it became personal to the President of Vibrant Pets when he took his 11-year-old Kerry Blue Terrier, Darly, to the Vet for her yearly check-up and found that she had a severe case of Lyme Disease. Darly’s regular blood work was pretty much normal, but her Lyme blood test was off the chart! More than 30 U/ml is considered clinically significant and Darly’s test results were 506 U/ml!  The Vet stated that Darly should have been in severe pain and exhibiting all the symptoms, and yet she was acting like a puppy, just has she always does. So what was different between Darly and the other Lyme infected dogs is Vibrant Pets.


There is also a German Shepherd owner that contracted Lyme and was having all kinds of health problems related to the Lyme. His dog, Simba,  was on Vibrant Pets and doing well so he decided to try it for himself!  Within a week he called Vibrant Pets with the exciting news that his Lyme symptoms had abated when he started taking Vibrant Pets.  Of course, Vibrant Pets it’s Ultimate Formulas for human consumption or recommend Vibrant Pets for use with humans, even if all the ingredients are natural. This owner made a personal decision, which has apparently worked out well for him.


Lyme Disease is endemic across East Coast and spreading all over North America.  Vibrant Pets strongly recommends you visit your Vet if you even suspect Lyme might be present. Be sure to follow the Vet’s protocols and if your pet isn't presently on Vibrant Pets, please do so now. Vibrant Pets will help minimize the horrid affects of Lyme by boosting the immune system and help the dog dea replacing the digestive cultures and enzymes lost because of the antibiotics.


Below are Darly’s test results.








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