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We like to think that what we have to say about Vibrant Pets is important. But what is really important is what others have to say about Vibrant Pets. Below are testimonials we found on the Internet that were not on our website.


I bought this product as part of a plan to assist my aging Boston Terrier with certain health challenges: arthritis, hearing loss, cataract on one eye, skin tumors, and, of course, dental problems. My retired husband was in charge of our dog's care since I work full-time at considerable distance from home. When my husband died suddenly, this adorable dog became my sole responsibility. I set about helping my Boston recover what was salvageable of his health. This has included so far: removal of the skin tumors; extraction of five teeth; upgraded Solid Gold Senior Pet food mixed with fresh chicken, turkey, or sirloin; a pet ramp for easier access up the steps to our home; heated dog beds for the bedroom and living room (see separate reviews); SnuggleSafe heat pads for travel in the car; a warm raincoat and pet stroller (for when he's having a particularly bad day); Rescue Remedy to help him with separation anxiety when I leave for work; JointMax soft chew supplements, and Vibrant Pets supplement.


The latter is reviewed in this context. As part of the overall plan, I believe that Vibrant Pets supplement is contributing to the drastically improved health and appearance of this wonderful little dog. He has survived the loss of his primary caregiver and is on the road to recovery from less than optimum care for several years prior to that loss. I mix the supplement with his dog food, fresh protein, and warm water (to soften the dog food) twice a day. His bowel movements have improved and he even has times of initiating play with me. Caring whole-heartedly for this beautiful dog contributes tenfold to my own health and happiness.


I've been using this product since I started feeding a homemade diet to fill in the nutritional gaps. I did MUCH research on multiple supplements and this was by far the best at the most reasonable price. I have 5 Goldens ranging from 4-14 years of age and they have never looked or felt better! When I had a question about it, I called the owner of the company and he returned my call within the hour and was very helpful. I am extremely dismayed that Amazon's price has gone up in one month from $73 to over $100!?! It's now less expensive from the vibrant pets website, especially if you use the discount code found on their FB page. Great product but less expensive elsewhere.



We have been using Vibrant Pet Canine Atheletic Formula for about 4 weeks for our both of our "older" dogs. They are both 11 years old. The larger of the two had started exhibiting joint discomfort about 9 months ago. She is like a puppy again. No limping or stiffness when she first gets up. We have found her sleeping on the couch again, which she wasn't able to do, the jump up must have been too much for her. Our slightly smaller dog has so much enthusiasm and energy, we may have to cut back on his scoops. My husband is the eternal skeptic, but he has commented on the improvement of their health as well. It is a great product.



I am a true believer in this supplement. It offers everything you need; probiotics, joint support, and immune system support. I started using this for my rescued Doberman who suffered from severe demodex mange. Adding this supplement to her treatment regimen allowed her to make a complete recovery. When I unintentionally ran out of it, she relapsed within 10 days. Restarting her again brought a complete remission. Needless to say, I have not stopped giving it to her for the past 4 yrs and she has a beautiful full coat. Everyone that I have recommended use this product has had similar excellent results, for a variety of problems such as poor coat, digestive problems, diarrhea, and joint problems. My dogs love it sprinkled on their food. It is quite affordable compared to other supplements, as a little bit goes a long way. Give it a try!


I have heard nothing but wonderful things about Vibrant Pets (canine athlete), so after my sheltie has experienced allergies for the first time and has had issues with her coat I decided to give it a try. ....well that was about a year ago.


I've changed my review from 4 to 5 stars since then; as I've seen the results for myself, having a Sheltie who I groom weekly gets complements all of the time, everyone thinks she gets groomed daily. Her coat is now healthy, shines and so much easier to deal with now that she is on Vibrant Pets!



I've recommended it to all my friends with dogs.



i have been pleased with this product. it has definitely improved the quality of my dogs' coats and the joint supplement is just a bonus. i consider it preventive medicine to start protecting the dogs' joints before they are older and it helps since my dogs are so active in various dog events.



Our dogs are greatly benefiting from this product.



We started using this product in November 2013, and what a difference it has made in our 9 yr old dog! A short while before that we rescued a much younger dog (She turned 2 Feb 2014) They played and played, but our older dog was having issues keeping up and you could tell she was sore. After about 3 weeks on this product, we noticed the older dog was playing more and more and no longer appeared sore!! As well our rescued pups hair was a bit flakey, but just after a short while on this formula, the flakes disappeared. Very happy with this product, and will be a lifetime customer


My dogs love it and we have excellent results for our confirmation and performance dogs. A little goes a long way with our Schipperkes. We always keep this on hand for both our aging foundation dogs and the younger generation out performing today.



Hey everyone got my first 48 ounce bag and think i will be using it for quite a while..


the portions i give are once every 2 meals and after 4 months i still have more then 3/4 left..


So if you got no space for storage i really rather you buy a smaller bag.. however, in terms of value for money this one really takes the cake!


We have been using this Vibrant Formula for our our dog ever since we got him, on the advice of the breeder. He likes it and it seems to do a great job for him.



I've used Vibrant Pets in the past with my previous dog, so when I adopted my new pup, I knew it would be on my list of "to buy" items. When I adopted my dog, his coat was pretty patchy -- lots of bare spots -- also, he was scratching quite a bit. He also had very soft stools. I put him on Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete and the turnaround was amazing. In less than a month, his coat is plush, soft, shiny, and full. I get complements every day. He's not scratching nearly as much and his stools are much easier to pick up. I recommend this product highly.




I bought this for the probiotic and digestive nature of the ingredients. However, we have a 4 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix who is very very active. Around age 1, she was limping and having difficulty in the evenings getting up the stairs. We discovered she had hip dysplasia, and living in the California desert at the time, running in the sand and soft earth was bothering her hips. We immediately decided to take the natural route in preventing further deterioration. We put her on a high quality fish oil, K9 Liquid Health with MSM, Glucosamine and Condroitin, and Dismutase to help the break down of proteins to help with possible arthritis in the future. She did great on these and within 6 months, she was back to normal. She has been on these products ever since, but she does get some minor skin rashes, ear problems and urinary issues (from an inverted vulva), so I wanted to add some probiotics to her regimen. After some research I found this product and decided to try it, in combination with her other supplements. So far, her skin has cleared up a little and her ears need cleaning much less frequently and she really is not bothered by the powder on her food. Also, there is less urinary tract infections. I am not comfortable speaking on the effectiveness of the Glucosamine and other joint health ingredients as she has been on other products for a while. After about a month, I stopped using the Liquid Health (we were out and I wanted to see how this would do) and I have not noticed any change so I assume it works just as well. She is still on her fish oil and dismutase though,




I found Vibrant Pets about four years ago when I adopted a six-year-old Sheltie with a dull, dry coat. I bought "Show Dog" formula (now Skin and Coat) and also used daily supplements of fish oil and Vitamin E. His coat was gorgeous, soft and flowing! I was hooked and now use Canine Athlete formula for my two new Sheltie girls (my older dogs have passed on). Will keep ordering - also appreciate the attentive service of the Vibrant Pets founder who lives in Virginia.




We own a fawn Dobie. His coat is gorgeous! When we went on vacation he was in a kennel. We didn't send him with his Vibrant Pet. His coat when he returned was dull and dry. It has since returned to a great coat post restarting him on Vibrant Pet.




I have been using this product for quite some time. I show my dogs (Havanese) and there are days that are very long. I feel that this supplement helps them get thru these tough days and as a bonus my dogs have healthy beautiful shiny coats I recommend this highly.



My dogs really love this & are very healthy & energetic. Will continue to use this great product as long as I can afford it. The price has gone up a lot in the last 6 months.



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