Vibrant Pets has the Best Quality Assurance in the Industry

When you read a label, especially as detailed as Vibrant Pets, your eyes most likely roll back and you must wonder “how do I know that the ingredients on the label is really in the product?” Well, Vibrant Pets goes to the extreme to ensure you get the best supplement on the planet!

When we receive the raw ingredients for Vibrant Pets we analyze each item to ensure that the product meets our product requirements. A spectrographic analysis it completed and if the ingredients meet our stringent requirements, we send the product to be blended. If the products do not meet our requirements, they are rejected and not used.

Prior to blending, the blending room is completely cleaned and sanitized to ensure no cross-contamination. It should be noted that the blending room is sealed and the humidity and temperature are controlled. The equipment used to blend Vibrant Pets is state-of-the-art and all stainless steel.

Vibrant Pets is blended in 600 – 1000 pound production runs. After each production run, the blend is again analyzed and a computer printout is produced that shows the exact concentration of each ingredient. If the production run meets our requirements, one sample is bottled and placed in storage for 5 – 10 years and another sample is sent to an independent laboratory to ensure there are no pathogens, such as salmonella, in our production run. These tests take 2 weeks and upon completion the laboratory sends Vibrant Pets a certificate certifying the production run.

When the certification is received, we assign the production run a “lot” number and the production run is sent for bottling. To ensure quality we bottle by hand in yet another clean room that is also environmentally controlled. On the label you will notice an expiration date along with a lot number. With this lot number we can trace the product all the way back to the raw material used.

We are continually analyzing Vibrant Pets so we can always provide you with the best possible supplement. Older users will notice that our product lines are ground finer and the products are dryer. The rough grind of our older product did not blend as even as we wanted. This is because the weight of individual products was different; the heavier ingredients went to the bottom of the bottles. To over come this and ensure that the blend would be even, we blend finer. In addition we made the product dryer. This is because probiotics are activated by heat and moisture and to ensure that the probiotics remained potent we took all moisture out of Vibrant Pets which made our product lines dryer.

Our process mirrors the production of human supplements. A lot of pet supplement companies don’t share their production process with the public. But Vibrant Pets goes the extra mile with our customers. We want you to know our process so you know how we can guarantee your pet receives the highest quality ingredients in a formula that will retain its potency from the first to the last scoop in the bottle!


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