Calm Your Pets Fear


The fear of noise is a common fear in dogs; it is less common in cats.

The fear of noise can become a phobia.

Noise phobia includes the fear of thunderstorms, firecrackers, and gunshots. Even the sound of birds can become a phobia.


Study has shown that pets who suffer from separation anxiety are more likely to have noise related phobia. Noise phobia can sometimes be traced to a particular bad experience related to the noise the pet fears. A pet may become fearful of similar sounds, smells, or events associated with a particular noise they already fear. For example, a pet afraid of thunder may become afraid of rain; a dog afraid of gunshots may become frightened at the sight of a gun, or the sound of fireworks.


Many pet owners use medications or sedatives to calm their pets fear.

Alternatives to medication are available and include the following: 


Maintain a calm attitude:

Your pet will look to you for strength.

Pets are very aware of the emotional state of their owners. If you are worried or nervous, this will add to your pet's fear. Your attitude and actions can influence the severity of the pet’s fear. If you are nervous during a storm, your pet will likely become more anxious. By petting or comforting your pet, you may give positive reinforcement of the fear, confirming that there is something to be afraid of.

Punishing your pet for showing fear is never a good choice of action.


Create a comfort zone:

Some pets feel more comfortable in a small space such as a crate, a small room, or under a particular piece of furniture. If your pet is comfortable in a crate, the crate can be covered with a blanket to increase the feeling of security. Leave the crate door open, so the pet is not confined to the crate. Confinement can dramatically increase your pet’s stress level and fear. Some pets just need the comfort of being near you.


Maintain good health and nutrition:

Health problems increase the stress and anxiety levels of pets.

When a pet is confronted by fearful situations and has a weakened immune system, he is likely to be more anxious, irritable and prone to other stress related health issues.

Soothe the effects of stress with Vibrant Pets.

When used as directed Vibrant Pets boosts the immune system, which greatly reduces the effects of stress, and helps maintain good health.

Mike Van Der Kamp


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