The Canadians Sum Up Vibrant Pets the Best!

 Good day Lee,

I hope you will put this testimonial on your site, as it is most definitely the best product we're tried.

Thank you so much for shipping us Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete! As you know, we own a K9 services company and own many dogs, primarily German Shepherd Dogs, but also Golden Labs. We decided to try it on our 11 year GSD who had injured his back in the past and was starting to show his age with decreased mobility. Konan had already been taking Glucosamine (high dose) and a low dose anti-inflammatory. He was also showing some weight loss, decreased appetite and muscle loss as well. He immediately went back up to his normal food intake and was enjoying the taste. At the 10 day mark, we noticed a softer coat, increase in weight and muscle mass, as well as increased mobility. He refused to take his glucosamine as soon as he started the Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete, so we didn't force it on him and just went with it. He consistently improved and was mobilizing like he was 5 years old. He has now been without it for one week and we are already seeing the changes in him, where he is starting to have difficulty jumping and is showing a bit of weakness in the rear. This dog has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and the proof is in the jar! We are ordering some more and will continue to give it to Konan!

Our second dog that we decided to try it on is Cisco, a 3 year old GSD who had been suffering from extremely dry coat and skin. We tried everything from different foods, skin conditioners and shampoos, to a costly skin biopsy. We then started Cisco on Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete and at the 7 day mark, we noticed a softer and shinier coat. He now has completely stopped scratching and his coat is luxurious!

Thanks again Vibrant Pets! You've convinced even the biggest skeptics!

Prairie K9 Services
Manitoba, Canada


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