The Necessity of Supplementation

Why do we need to supplement our pet’s food? The simple answer is because live foods make live bodies. The commercial dog food industry is primarily about convenience, and profit. There are many recycled, and leftover products incorporated into pet food. There are also misleading practices in ingredient listing. Has anyone ever opened a fresh bag of food and found meat, or chicken, (listed as the first ingredient) inside the bag. That’s because manufacturers are allowed to weigh, and list their ingredients before cooking. This practice is not allowed in human foods. Also, a dog’s dentition is not suited to hard kibble. Metabolism cannot occur until the food is broken down into small enough particles to be picked up by the blood, in the small intestine. Ineffective chewing puts the dog at a deficit before they ever swallow. Live digestive enzymes, and probiotics are required for this digestive process. Unfortunately heat, and pressure kill enzymes, probiotics and some vitamins and minerals. Our commercially prepared dog foods are only made two different ways. Baking, and extruding. So, no matter what it says on the bag, or on the TV commercial, there are no live nutrients in the bag. Of course dogs and other animals can produce their own digestive enzymes, and do, when they are not present in the food. There are people who believe the body can only produce a finite number of enzymes in a lifetime. When that number is reached, that lifetime is over. By providing these enzymes and nutrients from an outside source though, we can lessen the work load on the animal’s system and raise their level of health and hopefully extend their lifetime.


A strong blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics can bring as much as a 30% increase in digested food. That’s 30% more that is available for metabolism. This kind of metabolic increase will produce a significant bump in immune system performance. It will also provide energy for improved skin and hair growth as well as more energy for working and performance dogs. A properly formulated supplement will not only digest whatever food you use it with, it will also optimize whatever proprietary ingredients are added to the supplement itself. A prime example being joint and muscle ingredients.


Every living organism, if given the proper nutrition, will strive to heal itself. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said, “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.” Over the years we seem to have gotten away from that. Still, it is as sound advice today as it was when he said it. By optimizing your nutritional program, your dog can lead a longer and healthier life.


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