If you Love your Pet you'll really Love Vibrant Pets 

An important message from
Award winning, Nationally Certified Master Groomer and Owner of The Doggie Wash in Virginia


Irina Phillips 


"By any measure Vibrant Pets is the absolute best pet supplement on the market!  Since 2005 I have used and sold this supplement and the results have been beyond belief. Because of my love for all pets and my retail and personal experience with Vibrant Pets, I think it is important to share with you the power of World's Best Pet Supplement.


We have over 3,000 clients at The Doggie Wash and a high percentage of the dogs we groom have all kinds of health issues. Without exception I recommend to my clients that they use Vibrant Pets. The positive results that my clients report to me gives me goose bumps and sometimes tears


When using Vibrant Pets, the pet's immune system is almost immediately boosted because of the powerful probiotics, digestive enzymes and vitamins and minerals that each product contains. The results are dramatic. Pets no longer have allergies, skin and coat issues are overcome, eye stain is taken care of and the pet feels better, just to name a few health issues Vibrant Pets helps correct. Numerous dogs overcome the devastating affects of Lyme disease and my Kerry Blue Terrier had a severe case of Lyme and showed no symptoms. (The medical reports are in the Vibrant Pets blog and on their Facebook page) For pets in good health, Vibrant Pets will help them stay in good health, reduce Vet bills and I believe, extend the pet's life.

Our clients who use Vibrant Pets for their pets have saved thousands in Vet bills. But, most important they have saved their pets from aggressive medical procedures. Pets with allergies no longer need expensive steroids, antibiotics or allergy shots. Pets with joint and muscle issues such as arthritics, pulled ACL's and hip dysplasia also did not need Vet treatment and in a bunch of cases, operations were alleviated. The almost endless testimonials on their website (www.vibrantpets.com) demonstrates how Vibrant Pets has helped the pets who use this powerful supplement."


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