Jenny Update

Hi Lee
I just wanted to let you know that I just took Jenny to the vet and one thing that I noticed was that all the growths (wart like growths) that she had on her neck that would ooze blood and gunk up her fur have all disappeared! For years I would take her to the vet to have them do a procedure to freeze them with something to make them crust up and stop bleeding. One vet also wanted to cut them out. The only thing left is a tiny bump where the biggest one was and there is no trace of the others that she had. She had several. This tells me that her immune system has improved greatly and hopefully it is enough to fight the cancer that she has around her pancreas. I will pay for another scan in about another month and have the same doctor that did the first scan do it because he will be the best to know if there is any difference. This is the same dr that recommended I euthanize her and if you saw the condition she was in , you wouldn't blame him. She was in bad shape.
I honestly think vibrant pets saved her life. Go print this email out and hang it up at your show. :)
We will do the video testimonial soon. I really want to be able to help other pets.
Thank you


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