Thank you for your follow-up on Maggie! It means something when a company genuinely cares about their clients well-being! With that said, I'd be glad to answer your questions. I did initially order Canine Athlete. When I ordered Canine Athlete I debated buying the Joint and Muscle, but I ended ordering Canine Athlete anyway (I think because I'm in denial that my dog is aging and entering her senior years lol). After using Canine Athlete, Maggie perked up in a matter of weeks! She was soooo much more energetic and youthful! With her new lease on life, Maggie wanted to play much more (which I'm ecstatic about). It was during one of our frequent play sessions that I noticed she was still having joint issues (from a previously broken leg). My vet prescribed her rimadyl, but after researching the drug I decided it wasn't the best thing for Maggie. Whether it's arthritis or an incorrectly healed joint, she skips a step on the affected leg every now and then. There is still a big lump in the affected leg which leads me to believe it didn't heal back correctly (and I'm sure there is some arthritis present as well). Anyway, this is why I ordered the Joint and Muscle formula. I've convinced myself though, that my dog is still young and lacks anything of senior status ha ha. It's too early to tell how well the J&M formula is working, but I have a pretty good feeling about it - because after all, Vibrant Pets is the REAL DEAL! I will certainly try to let you all know how Maggie reacts to the J&M when the time comes. I want to thank you and your company for all that y'all do! Maggie definitely wouldn't be the same without the Vibrant Pets Family!  Thank you again.


Chad Romines