What a mess

 Dear Lee,
Our 3 year old Reese has had health issues ever since she was 3 months old. My husband and I spent thousands of dollars her first year of life trying to figure out what was wrong with her. It seemed as if we were at the Vets every other week. Nothing worked for long! Not until Vibrant Pets.
We found Vibrant Pets at the Chantilly Pet Expo, my husband being a skeptic, suggested I wait to make the purchase until I could check out the company and any information I could find on-line. So I did. I was delighted to find only positive statements about your products and your company.
Reese has had so many issues. From toes/pads always being inflamed and raw! She would bite and lick them constantly, causing yeast infection after yeast infection. Her ears were continuously filled with yeast and they were always inflamed. Then she began losing her hair on her belly and up around her backside, she looked terrible! Plus her vulva was starting to have yeast around it all the time!
Finally my husband agreed we needed to try Vibrant Pets. About 5 months ago we made our first purchase. We did not notice immediate results but Reese was in bad shape so I stuck with it. I only bought an 8oz container but by the 6th week we began to see improvements.
I am delighted to report that the inside of her paws are white as snow! Ears clean for months! Hair has completely grown back. Her coat is shiny and all who meet her comment on how beautiful her coat is. They ask what I am feeding her and I tell them Vibrant Pets! I tell everyone I meet about your product because it works! There are two types of customers in this world, Promoters and Detractors! I am a Big Promoter of Vibrant Pets!
Thank you,
Robin Gallagher
West Virginia



Dear Lee & Vibrant Pets,

 I am the lucky owner of a 9 ½ year old Weimaraner named Indy.  In March 2007, Indy experienced a sudden onset of severe pain, would not lift his neck, only wanted to be in a crouched position, and had great difficulty walking. Indy was hospitalized for a day at his vet and sent home with several medications. Indy worsened over night, and we were sent to a neurologist. An MRI of Indy's neck revealed that he had a moderate disk problem  (C5-C6) in his low cervical spine but his signs & pain were at least moderate to borderline severe. Indy was diagnosed with a variant of Caudal Cervical Spondylomyelopathy (CCSM) which is commonly referred to as Wobblers Syndrome and Cervical Vertebral Instability. CCSM/Wobblers Syndrome is manageable with medication and/or surgery(ies - in the worst cases), but there was no cure. His neurologist believed that it was chronic.

 Indy underwent surgery to correct the disk problem which would try to prevent his Wobblers Syndrome from worsening. Most unfortunately Indy’s recovery from his surgery was very rough, and he turned out to be in the 3-5% worst case scenario in which he was worsening. Shocked and scared that we would lose our dog because he couldn’t walk, we began a rigorous course of steroids, medications, and physical therapy. Slowly Indy walked again, but not well at all. Another MRI showed Indy continuing to get worse and indicated that he might need a second surgery. We got four Neurologists’ second opinions, and all of them recommended different surgeries! Faced with impossible surgical choices, knowing that Indy would not survive a second surgery, and knowing that he wasn’t ready go (nor were we ready to let him go – not without a fight!), I desperately searched for cure or an alternative treatment to try to save Indy.

 After too many trials and tribulations of medications, steroids, etc. to count we’d almost lost all hope. Indy began to develop Cushing’s Disease from the Prednisone that he had to take in order to just be able to walk (and he didn’t walk well at all so I had to help him walk). Nothing, not even physical therapy seemed to help much. As a last attempt to help Indy I took him to a vet for acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal medicines.

 Indy loved this new vet, and seemed very comfortable with her.  She recommended that we add a supplement to all of Indy’s meals called Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete Formula, in addition to the Chinese herbs that she prescribed for him. I immediately purchased Vibrant Pets but didn’t believe that it could do what you said it could do, and I expected that I would return it after two weeks. Like I said before, we were practically hopeless.

 But, I didn’t return it. Within the first month of treatment, Indy was walking a little bit better. The second month Indy started to feel better, and his severe allergies greatly improved. The third month Indy began to walk more on his own without my help, and we dared to start weaning him off all of the medication his neurologist prescribed. Within 9 months Indy was completely weaned off all of the medication – steroids and all ! He was walking without my help. Indy’s Cushing’s Disease reversed and he has completely recovered from it since it was medically induced.  I’m convinced that taking Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete Formula, the Chinese herbs,  and having weekly acupuncture treatments is what caused Indy to undergo a remarkable recovery, and has literally saved his life!

 We are now a year a half into Indy’s recovery, and he is doing a 1000X better now than he ever was on steroids and medications after developing Wobblers Syndrome! I cannot find the words to tell you how amazing his recovery is! Indy can walk, run, play with us and his toys, swim, climb stairs, and jump and catch a ball. You must understand that we were told he would be on exercise restriction for the rest of his life – for him to not only want to do these things but to also be able to do them well is miraculous!!! Indy’s most recent joy is playing with our 2 year old daughter who throws his ball for him to chase! When people meet him they think that he’s a 2 year old dog because of his energy level – he does act like a puppy a lot. They are always shocked when I tell them that he is 9 ½ years old, and they don’t believe me if I tell them that he has Wobblers Syndrome!

 I feel truly lucky and blessed to have found Indy’s vet, the acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and especially Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete formula for Indy. The acupuncture and Chinese herbs are playing a very large critical role in Indy’s recovery. But, I also am convinced that Vibrant Pets is also responsible for Indy’s recovery.

Good nutrition is vital to any life period. Even top quality dog foods still lack many of the vital nutrients found in Vibrant Pets’ formulas that are critical to a dog’s overall wellbeing.  Indy clearly likes the taste because he always gobbles it all up at each feeding! I feel that Vibrant Pets is an essential component of Indy’s recovery, and without it I don’t want to imagine what Indy’s life would have been like. I cannot find the words to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart to thank you enough for this product that helped give my Indy his life back and that has greatly improved the quality of his life because of how good it helps him to feel! We don’t know what the future holds, but we know that Indy’s life will be a full and happy one. I’ve enclosed a recent picture of Indy, it’s many thanks to Vibrant Pets that he looks and feels so good! We’re your clients for life!



Jen Nigriny


Jessica Reed

My name is Jessica Reed, and I purchased your small container of Vibrant Pets Show Dog Formula for my 5 month old Shetland sheepdog.  I am a member of an online forum called the Sheltie Forums, and I was suggested your product by one of the moderators, Ann.  I bought my sheltie puppy from a questionable breeder and Smudge (that's his name) has battled numerous health problems ever since.  The worst so far has been hereditary mange.  My vet told me that if we didn't get Smudge's mange under control that he could go blind, or in a worse case scenario, die.  The mange had attacked his eye and was spreading fast.  I needed something to help boost his immune system, but I didn't know what to do.  The vet did a very early neuter on him (he was only 4 months old!) to try to reduce his stress level, because stress helps the mange spread.  They had to shave off part of his fur to put his IV in, and the vet said he bled a lot more than normal during the surgery.  So I went to the forums asking somebody what they used for a supplement.  Ann, the woman who helped me find your site, told me that she had a sheltie with mange before, and that she used Vibrant Pets.  I went online that day and bought a jar.  I'm happy to say that after about two weeks of using your product that Smudge is no longer in danger of going blind.  After just two weeks on the Vibrant Pets the area they shaved off to put the IV in has almost completely grown back.  We are currently going through a series of mange dips, but I credit the Vibrant Pets to his sudden recovery.  The dips weren’t doing that much good, and my vet said that if the dips didn’t work that we would have to go to medicine next.  Well,  I don’t have to worry about trying to give my puppy pills in the future anymore!  You've got a customer for life.  Thank you for saving my Shetland sheepdog's life! 

Dianne Cecchett and Midnight

Unfortunately I’m not the best photographer. I’ve attached several photos. Her whole back side was bald in patches and you can see from the more recent photos how nicely her hair is growing back in. It looks like she had been shaved from the waist down with new growth now. She’s feeling wonderful. Much more playful, good appetite.

We are so pleased and will continue to use Vibrant Pets and share the good news with other dog lovers. Our vet reviewed your flyer, told me “this is good stuff. Keep her on it”.

Thank you so much. Thank you Lee for your kind support towards me through a most trying time for Midnight.


Dianne Cecchett and Midnight

Amy Patrissi

Dear Vibrant Pets®,

My husband and I adopted Mason, a Mini Schnauzer-Scottie mix months ago from a rescue league helping animals of Hurricane Katrina. After welcoming Mason in to our home we soon realized that he had many more problems than we could have ever imagined. Mason was completely covered in small bites and his skin was extremely dry, his fur would fall out in clumps.

I began looking for supplements to give him to help the many ailments he possessed. As you know there are so many products out there promising the world. So often leaving you disappointed and again searching for that one miracle product.

Finally, after months of research, trial and error we have found that miracle supplement. I am so truly grateful that Lee and his staff at Vibrant Pets® care as much about my family as I do and have created these products.

Vibrant Pets® enables our dogs to live the healthy life they deserve. Lee, my husband and I can’t thank you enough. I now have two very healthy animals with a bounce in their step and a healthy sparkle in their eyes. I am also very pleased to see that even the burn spots left by my two little darlings on the lawn have completely disappeared, leaving a fresh green lawn for the dogs to play on.

My husband, Bailey, Mason and I thank you!!

  • Amy Patrissi
  • Account Manager
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Wendy Skelly

My 11 year old blue Doberman Garth was, lame due to a neck injury, bald, with pressure wounds on his elbows. I was told when he first went down that her would only have a couple of months to live before his organs would fail due to his lameness. He had been bald for years, the vets all said “Blue Doberman Mutant Freaks”. In order to be blue they have genetic defect that affects skin and coat. Most blue’s are bald or very thin haired at mid life or so. I carried Garth outside for his potty breaks and had to support his body while he did his business. This was no easy task, Garth weighed in at about 90 pounds. His pressure wounds were a result of his down time. We tried every brand wound gel and homeopathic wound products known to man kind. Nothing seemed to help heal his elbows. Garth continued to eat and drink and have a real zest for life, I refused to put him down as long as he was acting like himself.

My mother had told me about a new product called Vibrant Pets® that she had just purchased. I started to use Vibrant Pets® Canine Athlete Formula. I could not believe the results, and neither could my veterinarian. Garth began to first grow hair, where he had been bald for years. Even in the early years when he had almost a full coat of hair, even his sides. I began to notice that Garth was starting to use his hind legs to better position himself in his bed. In the next 2 months Garth had regained so much strength and movement in his hind legs that he could stand on his hind legs while I supported his front. This was a huge blessing; it made holding him for his potty breaks so much easier. The pressure wounds that had responded to nothing were slowly now healing. The new skin growth on his elbows was slow but steady. All of the improvements came only after using Vibrant Pets®.

AT 13 years of age Garth was diagnosed with bladder cancer. We began to use cancer medicines, and was told to expect his health to begin to decline. Garth lived an amazing 6 months after this diagnosis was given. During the 6 months he never showed any standard bladder cancer signs. There was never any foul odor in his urine, and almost no blood was visible. Once again the only explanation can be the Vibrant Pets®.

I am sure that Vibrant Pets® gave Garth 2 very good years of life. He was said to be “down for the count” at 11 years of age and he lived to be 13. When Garth had to be seen at the veterinarian’s office, all of the doctors would come to visit him, to see the dog that had defied all the odds for years. I still use Vibrant Pets® on my remaining healthy dogs, and they shine and are so soft that people always ask me what I give them. I recommend Vibrant Pets® to everyone. I can’t thank this product enough.


  • Wendy Skelly
  • Lovettsville, Virginia