Jessica Reed

My name is Jessica Reed, and I purchased your small container of Vibrant Pets Show Dog Formula for my 5 month old Shetland sheepdog.  I am a member of an online forum called the Sheltie Forums, and I was suggested your product by one of the moderators, Ann.  I bought my sheltie puppy from a questionable breeder and Smudge (that's his name) has battled numerous health problems ever since.  The worst so far has been hereditary mange.  My vet told me that if we didn't get Smudge's mange under control that he could go blind, or in a worse case scenario, die.  The mange had attacked his eye and was spreading fast.  I needed something to help boost his immune system, but I didn't know what to do.  The vet did a very early neuter on him (he was only 4 months old!) to try to reduce his stress level, because stress helps the mange spread.  They had to shave off part of his fur to put his IV in, and the vet said he bled a lot more than normal during the surgery.  So I went to the forums asking somebody what they used for a supplement.  Ann, the woman who helped me find your site, told me that she had a sheltie with mange before, and that she used Vibrant Pets.  I went online that day and bought a jar.  I'm happy to say that after about two weeks of using your product that Smudge is no longer in danger of going blind.  After just two weeks on the Vibrant Pets the area they shaved off to put the IV in has almost completely grown back.  We are currently going through a series of mange dips, but I credit the Vibrant Pets to his sudden recovery.  The dips weren’t doing that much good, and my vet said that if the dips didn’t work that we would have to go to medicine next.  Well,  I don’t have to worry about trying to give my puppy pills in the future anymore!  You've got a customer for life.  Thank you for saving my Shetland sheepdog's life!