Amy Patrissi

Dear Vibrant Pets®,

My husband and I adopted Mason, a Mini Schnauzer-Scottie mix months ago from a rescue league helping animals of Hurricane Katrina. After welcoming Mason in to our home we soon realized that he had many more problems than we could have ever imagined. Mason was completely covered in small bites and his skin was extremely dry, his fur would fall out in clumps.

I began looking for supplements to give him to help the many ailments he possessed. As you know there are so many products out there promising the world. So often leaving you disappointed and again searching for that one miracle product.

Finally, after months of research, trial and error we have found that miracle supplement. I am so truly grateful that Lee and his staff at Vibrant Pets® care as much about my family as I do and have created these products.

Vibrant Pets® enables our dogs to live the healthy life they deserve. Lee, my husband and I can’t thank you enough. I now have two very healthy animals with a bounce in their step and a healthy sparkle in their eyes. I am also very pleased to see that even the burn spots left by my two little darlings on the lawn have completely disappeared, leaving a fresh green lawn for the dogs to play on.

My husband, Bailey, Mason and I thank you!!

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