LuAnn & Jim Thrasher

My husband and I walk into the Doggie Wash to pick up our Miniature Schnauzer, Missy and our English Mastiff, Bentley after a nice bath and grooming.
Everything was beautiful, then they asked if we had our pets on Vibrant Pets®. As they were telling us about it, all I could think of is…“Here we go, another way to get money out of us!” My husband is such an easy sell and I knew it was coming…“Honey, I think we should try this!” Oh, brother!…whatever…I was not falling for all that they claimed it could do! So, off we go with the biggest jug they offered. I told my husband that I was a total skeptic, but that we would try it for a couple of weeks and I was sure we would be returning it for a refund after the two weeks were up.

Well, two weeks later, to my surprise, we noticed a big difference in both our dogs. Missy has always had trouble with allergies and we’ve had her on a couple of differant medicines, none of which seemed to do much, except make her sleepy. After the first couple of weeks on Vibrant Pets®, she stopped licking her paws and rubbing her eyes. She is more active and playful and her skin and coat are beautiful! And Bentley, the English Mastiff, is acting like a young puppy again. Because of his size, he sometimes would have trouble getting up and moving around (especially after sleeping all night), but now he jumps up effortless and runs around like a playful pup! And his coat is also softer and shinier! I also have noticed both dogs have an improved digestive system. (I’m the one that does the clean-up, of course!) I have to admit to the world, I was wrong! Vibrant Pets® really does do all that they claim it does and I am confident that it will extend my Mastiff’s life and make for a better quality life for both my pets. Now, when will they come up with something for my Cockatoo?

  • Sincerly,
  • LuAnn & Jim Thrasher
  • Aldie