Louise Priest

 I just wanted to thank the people at the Doggie Wash for introducing me to Vibrantpets.  I was racking up some pretty high vet bills because of my Cocker Spaniel's skin problems.  I was told in two weeks I would see a difference.  I was willing to try anything.  I have to admit, it did take a bit longer than two weeks for us, but now  her skin is so much better and her coat is soft and shinny.  I have not had to make another  vet visit for a skin problem since I started using it.  I showed the product to my vet and he said to keep giving it to  her.  You bet I will.

 Thanks again,

Louise Priest

Purcellville, VA

Jessica Reed

My name is Jessica Reed, and I purchased your small container of Vibrant Pets Show Dog Formula for my 5 month old Shetland sheepdog.  I am a member of an online forum called the Sheltie Forums, and I was suggested your product by one of the moderators, Ann.  I bought my sheltie puppy from a questionable breeder and Smudge (that's his name) has battled numerous health problems ever since.  The worst so far has been hereditary mange.  My vet told me that if we didn't get Smudge's mange under control that he could go blind, or in a worse case scenario, die.  The mange had attacked his eye and was spreading fast.  I needed something to help boost his immune system, but I didn't know what to do.  The vet did a very early neuter on him (he was only 4 months old!) to try to reduce his stress level, because stress helps the mange spread.  They had to shave off part of his fur to put his IV in, and the vet said he bled a lot more than normal during the surgery.  So I went to the forums asking somebody what they used for a supplement.  Ann, the woman who helped me find your site, told me that she had a sheltie with mange before, and that she used Vibrant Pets.  I went online that day and bought a jar.  I'm happy to say that after about two weeks of using your product that Smudge is no longer in danger of going blind.  After just two weeks on the Vibrant Pets the area they shaved off to put the IV in has almost completely grown back.  We are currently going through a series of mange dips, but I credit the Vibrant Pets to his sudden recovery.  The dips weren’t doing that much good, and my vet said that if the dips didn’t work that we would have to go to medicine next.  Well,  I don’t have to worry about trying to give my puppy pills in the future anymore!  You've got a customer for life.  Thank you for saving my Shetland sheepdog's life!

Needed a lot of work

Dear Lee,

Our 3 year old Reese has had health issues ever since she was 3 months old. My husband and I spent thousands of dollars her first year of life trying to figure out what was wrong with her. It seemed as if we were at the Vets every other week. Nothing worked for long! Not until Vibrant Pets.

 We found Vibrant Pets at the Chantilly Pet Expo, my husband being a skeptic, suggested I wait to make the purchase until I could check out the company and any information I could find on-line. So I did. I was delighted to find only positive statements about your products and your company.

 Reese has had so many issues. From toes/pads always being inflamed and raw! She would bite and lick them constantly, causing yeast infection after yeast infection. Her ears were continuously filled with yeast and they were always inflamed. Then she began losing her hair on her belly and up around her backside, she looked terrible! Plus her vulva was starting to have yeast around it all the time!

 Finally my husband agreed we needed to try Vibrant Pets. About 5 months ago we made our first purchase. We did not notice immediate results but Reese was in bad shape so I stuck with it. I only bought an 8oz container but by the 6th week we began to see improvements.

 I am delighted to report that the inside of her paws are white as snow! Ears clean for months! Hair has completely grown back. Her coat is shiny and all who meet her comment on how beautiful her coat is. They ask what I am feeding her and I tell them Vibrant Pets! I tell everyone I meet about your product because it works! There are two types of customers in this world, Promoters and Detractors! I am a Big Promoter of Vibrant Pets!


Thank you,


Robin Gallagher
Ranson, WV


Dianne Cecchett

Unfortunately I’m not the best photographer. I’ve attached several photos. Her whole back side was bald in patches and you can see from the more recent photos how nicely her hair is growing back in. It looks like she had been shaved from the waist down with new growth now. She’s feeling wonderful. Much more playful, good appetite.

We are so pleased and will continue to use Vibrant Pets and share the good news with other dog lovers. Our vet reviewed your flyer, told me “this is good stuff. Keep her on it”.

Thank you so much. Thank you Lee for your kind support towards me through a most trying time for Midnight.


Dianne Cecchett and Midnight

Frank & Rita Van Lenten

Dear Jane,
We have a 6 year old beagle, Ernie, who has been a couch potato for a few years now. It was complicated by injury to his knee(s) which required ACL replacement in March and July of this year. We started Ernie on Canine Athlete formula in August to try to alleviate several symptoms listed in your website, mainly relating to pain in the joints, skin flakiness/coat dullness and general lethargy. In the first two weeks we noticed definite improvement all areas. In fact, his coat which was shaved from the 2nd surgery is as long as the shaved portion from the 1st surgery and is very shiny and full. We adopted a puppy right before the 2nd surgery and now Ernie plays vigorously with him and in fact the puppy sometimes has to run away from Ernie. We believe that Vibrant Pet Canine Athlete formula has given Ernie a new "leash"on life.

Frank & Rita Van Lenten
Liberty, SC Dog 21

Michael, Jenni and Dugan van der Kamp

Good Evening Mr. Phillips,

I wanted to say thank you for introducing us to Canine Athlete. Dugan is a changed Sheltie. He is no longer itching and losing hair. His coat is shinny and thicker. Brushing is no longer a battle of pain with him. I can’t believe how much money you have saved me in Vet bills and medicine. Thanks a bunch!

On a funny note…Dugan will not eat his food if it doesn’t have his Canine Athlete on it. To him it is a treat.

Again, thank you so much. You have saved the day!

Yours truly,

Michael, Jenni and Dugan van der Kamp
Hoover, AL


Diane Lanigan

I want to add my name to the growing list of satisfied customers! I always have 6—7 senior goldens in my house at one time. Besides aiding in their overall well being, Vibrant Pets® makes a HUGE difference in the shedding! All my dogs have coats on them like expensive thick rugs and for the most part they shed very little….for that I am extremely grateful! I use Vibrant Pets® Canine Athlete Formula……it keeps my 17.5 y/o ‘athlete" in amazing condition. I recommend the product to everyone who complains to me about ’allergies"…….just try it for a month, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Diane Lanigan

Melissa Weaver Dunning

We have been feeding our corgis Regal dog food and Total Pets supplement for several years now. Our male corgi, Rupert had hot spots that seemed to appear every summer. Since he has been receiving Total Pets he has had no further episodes and has a beautiful, healthy coat. He has also maintained an ideal weight on this diet, and a healthy corgi is a happy corgi!

Thanks so much for providing us with such good products for our dogs.

Melissa Weaver Dunning
Berryville, Virginia

Doug, Kathy, and Teddy Railo

Hello Gena and Lee…….as I had stated in our telephone conversation your Vibrant Pets® Canine Athlete supplement is a miracle. Our Bichon “Teddy” developed a severe limp in his back right leg and was hopping on three paws. A neighbor of our’s had the same problem with their Great Dane and recommended your product as the only thing that really worked. I must say that after 2 weeks the limp is gone and he prances along like he did before. “Teddy” also had severe skin reactions after grooming, Scratching to the point where he drew blood………not any more!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skin allergies seem to be a thing of the past. Thank you so much for such a great product and “Teddy” thanks you also. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

Best regards,
Doug, Kathy, and Teddy Railo

Kathie Wason

I’ve never been a big believer in supplements of any kind, but since my dog started taking Vibrant Pets®’ Canine Athlete, I’ve had a change of heart. My eight-year-old Jack Russell Terrier is acting like an eight-month old puppy again. As promised in your brochure, her energy level is up, her coat looks healthier and feels softer, and her persistent scratching has all but disappeared. I would recommend Canine Athlete to anyone who wants to give a treasured pet a new lease on life.

I’m anxiously awaiting the debut of Frisky Feline!

Kathie Wason
Reston, VA

W. Napier

I extend my sincere gratitude to LEE and Irena at The Doggie Wash for suggesting Vibrant Pets® Athlete for our dogs!

Granted, my initial response was that of reluctance. We have a menagerie of wonderful dogs, all from a rescue shelter, each having their own health issues. Solving these issues can become a menagerie in itself.

Since starting our dogs on Vibrant Pets® Athlete several months ago, I have seen a noticeable difference in all of our dogs …… almost miraculous. They began responding almost immediately.

Once again, our Terrier has hair, very soft hair! Truly, she did not need more bounce in her step, but it’s there! Allergies contributed to considerable hair loss, especially in the Spring and Fall. We had tried everything, including prescribed medications, not to mention chamomile tea baths.

Our older hound responded after only three days. Forever, he’s had a sensitive stomach, often resulting in vomiting and diarrhea.

Through the years, we’ve tried many different dog foods, holistic, naturals, etc. He does wonderfully on Vibrant Pet and no longer has diarrhea or vomiting as a result of his diet.

All of our dogs have brighter and softer coats, more agility and anticipate feeding time, even more, if that’s possible.

With Gratitude,

W. Napier
Leesburg, Virginia

LuAnn & Jim Thrasher

My husband and I walk into the Doggie Wash to pick up our Miniature Schnauzer, Missy and our English Mastiff, Bentley after a nice bath and grooming. Everything was beautiful, then they asked if we had our pets on Vibrant Pets®. As they were telling us about it, all I could think of is…“Here we go, another way to get money out of us! My husband is such an easy sell and I knew it was coming…”Honey, I think we should try this!" Oh, brother!…whatever…I was not falling for all that they claimed it could do! So, off we go with the biggest jug they offered. I told my husband that I was a total skeptic, but that we would try it for a couple of weeks and I was sure we would be returning it for a refund after the two weeks were up. Well, two weeks later, to my surprise, we noticed a big difference in both our dogs. Missy has always had trouble with allergies and we’ve had her on a couple of differant medicines, none of which seemed to do much, except make her sleepy. After the first couple of weeks on Vibrant Pets®, she stopped licking her paws and rubbing her eyes. She is more active and playful and her skin and coat are beautiful! And Bentley, the English Mastiff, is acting like a young puppy again. Because of his size, he sometimes would have trouble getting up and moving around (especially after sleeping all night), but now he jumps up effortless and runs around like a playful pup! And his coat is also softer and shinier! I also have noticed both dogs have an improved digestive system. (I’m the one that does the clean-up, of course!) I have to admit to the world, I was wrong! Vibrant Pets® really does do all that they claim it does and I am confident that it will extend my Mastiff’s life and make for a better quality life for both my pets. Now, when will they come up with something for my Cockatoo?


LuAnn & Jim Thrasher

Robert Carlson

I have been a dog owner for more than 25 years. I own two Shih-Tzu’s at the present time. One in particular has had a skin allergy since he was a puppy. The skin becomes red and itchy and the dog pulls the hair off and makes a bare spot. When this happens, we would have to make a trip to the vet for a cortisone shot and pills. This happened quite frequently and it was hard on the dog. My dog groomer introduced me to the Vibrant Pets® power formula. Since I have been using this product, my dogs skin condition has improved greatly. We have not had to make trips to the vet for expensive shots. Both dogs coats have improved. I showed this product to our veterinarian and he said the ingredients were all natural and with these results to certainly keep giving this formula to our dogs.

Robert Carlson
Purcellville VA

Irina J. Phillips

As all experienced Groomers and Pet Stylist know, most dogs that we care for have problems that need addressing. Everyday we have clients come into our shops with dogs that have a multitude of health conditions that should be corrected. Groomers and Pet Stylist are mostly concerned with the dog’s skin and coat but, as dog lovers, we are equally concerned with the dogs overall heath. I have been recommending Vibrant Pets® supplements to my clients for five years and my clients find it as close to a miracle cure as you can find.

We have three Kerry Blue Terriers that take Vibrant Pets® every day. All three, including our oldest 6 year old Kerry, run and play like a puppies and all three have a luxurious coat. I recommend Vibrant Pets® to most of my clients and I have seen a significant positive change in dogs that regularly take Vibrant Pets® supplements. In one case I have a client with two Cocker Spaniels and one of her Cockers developed a joint problem and their Vet recommended surgery. Two weeks prior to the dogs scheduled surgery they scheduled a grooming. After the grooming I recommended that they try the Vibrant Pets® Joint & Muscle supplement and they bought a bottle. They took their Cocker for the scheduled surgery and returned home. When they returned home the Vet called and told them to pick up their dog as he did not know which side to operate on as the dog appeared to be normal. By being able to recommend and sell our client Vibrant Pets® supplement we were able to save our client money and more importantly the dog did not have to go through the trauma of an operation. Vibrant Pets® supplements have helped more of our clients then I can count. We see better coat conditions everyday. We notice that our clients’ pets are getting healthier and joint and muscle problems are reduced.

My clients report that they see the positive results of Vibrant Pets® supplements within two weeks. We wanted to test just how good Vibrant Pets® really is so we asked The Friends of Homeless Animals no kill shelter if we could put six of their dogs on Vibrant Pets®. With their help we picked six dogs with severe health problems. Two dogs had hip problems so severe that they could hardly walk, two had bad skin and coats and two had a combination of both joint and skin/coat problems. Within 10 day the shelter called us and asked what was in Vibrant Pets® because they saw a significant improvement in all six dogs.

Vibrant Pets® is so sure of their supplements that they guarantee their products to “do what ever the buyer expected the supplement to do”. In five years of selling Vibrant Pets® only a few have been returned to The Doggie Wash and the reason for that return is because a dog would not eat the supplement. A client does not buy just one bottle they buy many bottles over the lifetime of their dog.

We as pet professionals have a duty to recommend to our clients products to maintain or increase the health of the dogs we care for. In addition, increasing the dog’s health with Vibrant Pets® makes our job easier. You can expect that dogs on Vibrant Pets® will have better coats and will be more pleasant to groom.

While you are improving the dogs’ health and making you’re grooming more enjoyable, you can also make money. In addition to making a profit our clients are thankful and that is the bottom line.

Call me if you have any questions. You can reach me at 540-338-9554.

Irina J. Phillips
Nationally Certified Master Groomer

Hal Lymus

I would like to thank you for coming down to the USA National Championship in Gadsden Alabama in November. I was glad you set up a vendor stand so all the other competitors could see your great product.

Since I have been turned on to your product from a very close friend, I have been thoroughly convinced what a truly good product Vibrant Pets® is. I began using your product in the summer of 2006 and have been amazed on what a difference it made on my dogs overall physical condition to include very nice glossy coats. I experimented with my young competition dog Eumah and my older arthritic dog Zao who is coming up on 13 yrs of age. In Eumahs case your product seemed to bring out energies I’ve never seen in him before both in training and actual competition. He is always in high drive and that kind of engergy requires a good supplement to maintain his high level of energy which is definitely required in my sport. (Schutzhund). In my older dog Zao’s case, Vibrant Pets® seemed bring out more energy than I’ve seen in him in years. After only 10 days of Vibrant Pet supplement feedings, he is chasing my younger dog around the yard and taking longer walks without a problem. Before he would go for a mile or so walk then call it a day, now he can go much longer and always ready for something else to do. His coat was also in pretty bad shape and is now full and glossy. It does nott take a rocket scientist to see what a difference your product has done for my dogs and I look forward to using your product from now on. I think your product is very cost effective for my budget and I’m getting much more bang for the buck compared to other supplements that only do half the job. Thanks for brining forth Vibrant Pets® to the pet owners who care for their animals as much as I do. I look forward to seeing you at the major shows and promise I will get the word out about your product to all my dog friends.

Hal Lymus

Amy Patrissi

Dear Vibrant Pets®,

My husband and I adopted Mason, a Mini Schnauzer-Scottie mix months ago from a rescue league helping animals of Hurricane Katrina. After welcoming Mason in to our home we soon realized that he had many more problems than we could have ever imagined. Mason was completely covered in small bites and his skin was extremely dry, his fur would fall out in clumps. I began looking for supplements to give him to help the many ailments he possessed. As you know there are so many products out there promising the world. So often leaving you disappointed and again searching for that one miracle product. Finally after months of research, trial and error we have found that miracle supplement. I am so truly grateful that Lee and his staff at Vibrant Pets® care as much about my family as I do and have created these products. Vibrant Pets® enables our dogs to live the healthy life they deserve.

Lee, my husband and I can’t thank you enough. I now have two very healthy animals with a bounce in their step and a healthy sparkle in their eyes. I am also very pleased to see that even the burn spots left by my two little darlings on the lawn have completely disappeared, leaving a fresh green lawn for the dogs to play on. My husband, Bailey, Mason and I thank you!!

Amy Patrissi
Account Manager
PetEdge Dealer Services
Exclusive Products for Independent Retailers
Ph: 888-876-2567 ext: 7311
Fax: 888-427-7725


Owner wanted to “put Muffin down” because she could no longer afford treatmentand tests. Allergic to cats, molds and fungus and lost almost all of hair and her skin was raw and she had a yeast infection. Vet had her on seriods and antibiotics which did not work. We took Muffin off all medications and gave her only Vibrant Pets® Show Dog and in less then 6 weeks she was full coated and in good health.

Rescue Me Yorkie Rescue