Robert Carlson

I have been a dog owner for more than 25 years. I own two Shih-Tzu’s at the present time. One in particular has had a skin allergy since he was a puppy. The skin becomes red and itchy and the dog pulls the hair off and makes a bare spot. When this happens, we would have to make a trip to the vet for a cortisone shot and pills. This happened quite frequently and it was hard on the dog.

My dog groomer introduced me to the Vibrant Pets® power formula. Since I have been using this product, my dogs skin condition has improved greatly. We have not had to make trips to the vet for expensive shots. Both dogs coats have improved.

I showed this product to our veterinarian and he said the ingredients were all natural and with these results to certainly keep giving this formula to our dogs.

Robert Carlson
Purcellville, VA
May 2006