Dave Davoudlarian & Taz

Dear Purveyors of a fine product,

I want to write you and let you know that you saved one of our dogs. Taz was rescued from a meth house in Iowa 7 years ago. My wife’s best friend was the one who saw him and realized he needed a better home. He was 6 months old. About 2 years ago she and her husband fell on financial hardship and my wife offered to drive to Chicago to get him. He was an instant hit with our kids and our other dog, Caleb.

When we got him he was very overweight, because he had to be fed table scraps. We knew he had bad hips and tried a several methods to help. He went on prescription meds. They made him throw up. We tried another over the counter med (aspirin coated in mylanta). It made him throw up. We tried glucosamine/chondroitin from a mega chain pet store, it did nothing.

Finally while at a store in Purcellville, VA and saw Vibrant Pets®, joint and muscle formula. Since being on this he is a different dog. He is full of energy and spunk. Although he is still overweight (a continuing battle) we hope that he will be with us for many more years thanks to your product.

Dave Davoudlarian & Taz