Spent $1,000's prior to Vibrant Pets

 Dear Lee,

Our 3 year old Reese has had health issues ever since she was 3 months old. My husband and I spent thousands of dollars her first year of life trying to figure out what was wrong with her. It seemed as if we were at the Vets every other week. Nothing worked for long! Not until Vibrant Pets.

 We found Vibrant Pets at the Chantilly Pet Expo, my husband being a skeptic, suggested I wait to make the purchase until I could check out the company and any information I could find on-line. So I did. I was delighted to find only positive statements about your products and your company.

 Reese has had so many issues. From toes/pads always being inflamed and raw! She would bite and lick them constantly, causing yeast infection after yeast infection. Her ears were continuously filled with yeast and they were always inflamed. Then she began losing her hair on her belly and up around her backside, she looked terrible! Plus her vulva was starting to have yeast around it all the time!

 Finally my husband agreed we needed to try Vibrant Pets. About 5 months ago we made our first purchase. We did not notice immediate results but Reese was in bad shape so I stuck with it. I only bought an 8oz container but by the 6th week we began to see improvements.

 I am delighted to report that the inside of her paws are white as snow! Ears clean for months! Hair has completely grown back. Her coat is shiny and all who meet her comment on how beautiful her coat is. They ask what I am feeding her and I tell them Vibrant Pets! I tell everyone I meet about your product because it works! There are two types of customers in this world, Promoters and Detractors! I am a Big Promoter of Vibrant Pets!


Thank you,


Robin Gallagher
Ranson, WV