I took my time replying regarding your horse supplement. I wanted to wait a bit longer. I think must be at least 3 weeks, I am giving him two scoops/day, one scoop am and one scoop pm.

I am definitely seeing his digestive system so much calmer. His pet name is Monte and he is almost 14 years old. He has tendency to have allergies (I understand there is some kind of grass or fungus and his cheeks puff up). I use sheepskin wherever possible. Overall, its not bad, I am just aware of these issues. He is also a cribber. Same time he is a fabulous  mover. I do work him 6 times a week, so he is in a good, physical shape. Prior to using your supplement, I would saddle him and just about to start work, he would poop a lot and often had tons of gases.

 Since past week, I must say he looks great and his digestive system is not acting up. I will keep you informed as we go along, but so far so good. I hate to jinx anything so I am quietly observing…..

Thank you again, Longina

 PS you know thanks to you guys my 13 year old big dog is doing beautifully!!!!!  and the young one, 4 years old, fox hound, is also on it ( I give him slightly smaller portion, also twice a day) because he had constantly indigestion. Sine, being on your supplement, he has no issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Longina