Cheryl Dixon


Dear Vibrant Pets- 

Sending You a photo of My dog Cookie. We adopted Cookie june 2006 from the Oldies but goodies Cocker Spaniel Rescue.

Cookie weighed 18 lbs. when rescued, hair matted, skin torn, nails curled, ear infection and the 3 yr. old child tied a rubber band around one of Her ears until it was embedded and infected. Cookie bit the vet tech when they tried to cut Her hair, She was in so much pain from the torn skin and matts and ear infections.

Cookie was put under, hair cut, surgery on the ear then sent to Fairfax Animal Shelter where She was labeled Vicious and shoved into a cage.

Cookie was picked up and Her Foster Mom with the cocker Rescue had Her for a few weeks.

I adopted Cookie, She was really anxious and wt. was 21 by then.

We feed Cookie a Excellent dry dog food with Grizzly Salmon oil and The Athletic Vibrant Pet because of Her skin, hair, ears, allergies and Her very sensitive stomach.

After using Vibrant pet gradually on the food,  Cookie had not had Diarrahea or Vomited!

Her Coat is Lovely, and Her skin is much better.

Thank You Vibrant Pet!

 Cheryl L. Dixon

Fairfax, Va.

W. Napier

I extend my sincere gratitude to LEE and Irina for suggesting Vibrant Pets® Athlete for our dogs! Granted, my initial response was that of reluctance. We have a menagerie of wonderful dogs, all from a rescue shelter, each having their own health issues. Solving these issues can become a menagerie in itself. Since starting our dogs on Vibrant Pets® Athlete several months ago, I have seen a noticeable difference in all of our dogs …… almost miraculous.

They began responding almost immediately. Once again, our Terrier has hair, very soft hair! Truly, she did not need more bounce in her step, but it’s there! Allergies contributed to considerable hair loss, especially in the Spring and Fall. We had tried everything, including prescribed medications, not to mention chamomile tea baths.

Our older hound responded after only three days. Forever, he’s had a sensitive stomach, often resulting in vomiting and diarrhea.Through the years, we’ve tried many different dog foods, holistic, naturals, etc. He does wonderfully on Vibrant Pet and no longer has diarrhea or vomiting as a result of his diet. All of our dogs have brighter and softer coats, more agility and anticipate feeding time, even more, if that’s possible.

With Gratitude,

W. Napier
Leesburg, Virginia