Canine Allergies

Allergies not only afflict human beings. No, dogs also suffer from allergies – canine allergies. People tend to sneeze and gasp for breath, but pet allergies manifest primarily as skin problems. Does your pet seem to itch – is it scratching all over, chewing his feet, rubbing the ears? Your dog may have allergies. Regular ear infections and inflamed ear flaps may be caused by allergies. Dog allergies are divided into three categories; inhalant or environmental allergies, fleabite allergies and food allergies.

How uncomfortable allergies must be for a dog! The constant exposure to allergans can’t be avoided. What a responsibility to prevent and heal allergy symptoms. An understanding of Canine allergies helps owners make good decisions in the care for our dogs.

Inhalant or environmental allergies: Pollens, molds and dust mites are allergens for humans, dogs and cats. Some dog breeds such as Retrievers, Dalmatians and Terriers are especially prone to environmental allergies. Watch out when your dog scratches, bites and chews at its feet while constantly licking or rubs its face on the carpet. When ear flaps become red and hot, ear infections are sure to follow! Molds and dust mites can be controlled by consistent cleaning of your home, particularly the surfaces your dog most often comes in contact. Bedding should be washed in hot water with plenty of soap. Frequently changing the filter on your furnace will keep the air in your home cleaner for both you and your pets. Vibrant Pets supplements in your dog’s food will work to heal the raw spots and calm the itching. It will also boost his immune system and will fill nutritional gaps that may be weakening his ability to fight allergic reactions.

Flea bite allergies: Interestingly enough, it is not a flea ridden dog which is habitually subject to this problem! A single bite is all that is needed for an allergic reaction. So beware! Occasional exposure literally ignites your dog to chew and bite its back, legs, belly and tail. Unfortunately, chemical preparations can cause greater harm than the fleas! If your dog is allergic to fleas, you must treat your dog, home and yard to give him the best possible environment in which to live. There are several natural treatments for home and yard that are effective and non-toxic. Your cooperative extension can help you find the right products. Consult your vet for appropriate flea preparations for your dog. Adding Vibrant Pets to your dog’s food will boost his ability to heal and fight allergic reactions.

Food allergies: This is a reaction by your dog to one or more ingredients in its food. It can cause diarrhea, ear infection, itching and licking. Watch out for beef, milk products, wheat, corn, Soy, chicken and eggs as these are the most common food allergies. If you suspect a food allergy, you can diagnose the culprit one of two ways. Either start with your current food and try to eliminate each ingredient until you see an improvement or start with a completely neutral diet such as rice and begin adding ingredients, one at a time until you get a reaction. Either way, you will, by process of elimination, find out which food(s) are troublesome for your dog. Vibrant Pets in your dog’s food will insure that he is getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals while also helping to treat any allergic reaction. If your dog needs a limited diet because of allergies, Vibrant Pets can fill any nutritional gaps left by a restricted diet and boost the immune system.

Constant scratching, raw, red spots, inflamed ears and infections are all clear warnings that your pet is suffering from a weakened immune system. The best way to treat a weak immune system is to prevent it. Vibrant Pets Ultimate Formulas with its all natural holistic ingredients is engineered to boost your pet’s immune system. Vibrant Pets Ultimate Formulas contain very special micronutrients with chelated minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes and vitamins so your pet can enjoy a long, healthy, happy life. There are four different formulas available for dogs, cats and horses. 100% made in the USA.