Vibrant Pets History

The idea of Vibrant Pets really started the day my wife, Irina (an award winning Nationally Certified Master Groomer), and I purchased the bankrupted Doggie Wash in Purcellville, VA in 2000. The Doggie Wash was a self self-service and pet grooming shop with at very bad reputation. Within a year, we were voted in a newspaper poll the number one grooming shop in Loudoun County, Va. Unlike most groomers who do not like to carry retail products in their shops, we thought that we had a duty to provide our clients with the best pet products we could find. In 2001, we started with limited retail; and in 2005 (after the introduction of Vibrant Pets) we expanded The Doggie Wash, brought in all natural products which were made in the USA, and that first same year we were also voted the number one independent pet retail store in Loudoun County, VA.

As most groomers will attest, most of the dogs and cats they groom and care for have health issues, and We we surely took noticed of that at The Doggie Wash. To better serve our clients, we searched for products that would help out with these health issues and, to our surprise, we found none. Oh, there were bunches of products that were selling buzz words, but none that really showed effectiveness. Indeed, other than general guarantees, none gave effectiveness guarantees. In addition, the labels were confusing at best which meant picking a product was like comparing an apple to an orange. So, a pet owner was left with buying a supplement, feeding it to their pet, and hoping that over time it would work. Sort of like we humans do.

In frustration, we introduced some supplement products for sale in 2002 and were not pleased with any of them. So we knew we had to do something. I called my good friend, the owner of a natural dog food company, and discussed the problem; and we agreed that together we would see if we could  try to find a solution.

In researching a solution to the pet’s health problems, we were surprised to find just how many products were void of solutions and worst of all, were of void of effectiveness. We started to talk to our clients at The Doggie Wash and were really surprised to hear of their pets’ health problems, . Well over 80% of our clients had pets with health issues with their pets. What really floored us were the Vets. It appeared to us that they were satisfied with putting a band aid on a gushing artery. The use of steroids was rampant, and we all know that steroids are used, in most cases, as a quick fix and, in the long run, shorten a pet’s life. In addition, we found that pet owners knew little about pet nutrition and got most of their information from mass market advertising.

In January 2005 we developed and produced our first formulas. After lab tests we sold Vibrant Pets at The Doggie Wash. Initially we offered a one month guarantee and soon found that all of the users of Vibrant Pets were seeing positive health in less then 2 weeks. With that data we lowered the guarantee to 2 weeks and to date we have never had any product returned because it did not help improve the pet's health issues. In March 2005 we started selling Vibrant Pets to the general public.